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I am very happy to report that my deer hunting luck hasn't run out yet. Not only was I lucky enough to draw a tag for both states but I was fortunate enough to harvest a good buck in each. The [location deleted] buck is a 135" 8 pointer and the [location deleted] buck is a 5 1/2 yr old, 22' inside spread main frame 8 with a busted G-2, 250 lbs dressed out, a big old brute. (Thank god for a neighboring farmer who not only was ok with the deer dying on his property but after we went to his door to ask for permission to go on him to retrieve the deer he drove in and got it for us). All the deer leases we hunted were very huntable, we had a great year with no issues. Saw several members and all were very cordial and up front. Thanks again I'll be in touch soon, spring turkey is right around the corner. I attached a pic of the [location deleted] deer and will send a second email with the [location deleted] buck. Lonnie



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