...Just wanted to send you a photo of the buck I got yesterday...I had scouted the area a few weeks ago and seen some great buck sign in there. On opening day bout 7:30 a doe came out below me and went out into a cut bean field, she kept looking back so I figured some kind of buck was coming and sure enough about 5 minutes later this buck came walking out. One shot later he was down on the ground. Another great hunt for me two years in a row...I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Matt

...He came charging out of some CRP chasing another buck and doe. He ran by me so fast the first time I couldn't get a shot. The second time he was back tracking the doe he was chasing and I was able to get a shot off...Matt

Jon, Just wanted to say thanks for pointing in the right direction with this being my first year in the club. This buck was taken on Saturday on the farm you suggested to me after only two hours. It was my first [location deleted] buck. Thanks again. Matt

Thank you Matt, we always feel a bit more pressure trying to get a first year member a good hunt.

Here's my [location deleted] buck that I got this morning, he was following some does. Thanks for providing a great place to hunt. My first year in the club and I killed two great bucks. I couldn't be happier. Already looking forward to next year.


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