I shot this deer at 7:05 am. I had just gotten settled in my tree stand when I looked back over my left shoulder toward the sunrise and had a 'Mossy Oak' experience. 'God only made so many sunrises, I'm glad I got to see this one.' Just then I heard a faint snap. I looked back to my right and saw this buck at 22 yards. He was walking from my right heading lightly away. I grunted once and he stopped, looked back toward me, and turned my direction. I was at full draw when he stepped out from behind a small cedar at seven yards. I took my time and waited for the perfect shot. When he was finally clear of the brush, I let the arrow fly. It was a solid shot, and he was down less than twenty yards later. Only my second buck with a bow, and my first with my new Switchback.

John, I've attached a photo of the buck I shot last November while hunting in north-west [location deleted]. This was my first year in the club and my first deer ever taken with a bow. It was an easy shot at only 17 yards. He had trotted in before 7:00 grunting and panting the whole way. He was hot on the trail of some doe estrogen scent I had just placed on a tampon and tossed out in front of my tree stand. He was sniffing the tampon when he I took the shot. I love it when a good plan comes together. I'm anxious for early November to finally arrive. Thanks again, Matt W


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