Jon & All MAHA Staff,

I want to start off by thanking the entire staff at MAHA. As first year members, my dad and I have been treated to first class service. Everyone on your team has done everything possible to accommodate our deer hunting needs.

My dad and I have hunted together for over 30 years in Vermont our home state. As you may know, Vermont does not produce many deer, and even fewer deer that would be considered trophy class by most standards. With that said, we have been successful by Vermont standards harvesting at least one buck between us every year and many times multiple bucks. I mention these facts not to tell you how many bucks we taken over the years, rather to give you an idea of where we were in our hunting journey. In a past deer hunting season it became clear to my dad and I, that we were losing a little of that spark all hunters have during the magical month of November. We read in countless hunting magazine articles about the rut and what a special time of the year it is. Where we deer hunt, because of the hunting pressure and age class of the deer population we find few rubs and even fewer scrapes. We wanted to experience what the rest of the hunting world was, real "Big Buck" sign and the opportunity to harvest a true trophy whitetail deer. We knew we had to change many techniques we developed over the years and more importantly, we needed to hunt where "Big Bucks" live. I went online to begin my search and the first web site my search brought up was MAHA. I read through your extensive web site and realized, this was exactly what we were looking for. A place where we could deer hunt on our own, in different locations, with an organization that had been around for years. It's one thing to read about all the opportunities an organization can claim to provide, but more often than not your disappointed once you join. MAHA is the real deal. All the information on your web site is up to date, accurate and very complete. We were fortunate to draw in Kansas on our first try thanks to the advice of Jon to try the "Buddy System" which means either both applicants get drawn or none do. Using Aerial Photos and Topo Maps, we picked our spot and then once we arrived, scouted the property and found more buck sign in two days than we have in 30 plus years of scouting in Vermont. We set up our stands, my dads by a pond with great cover and food source and myself on a creek bottom that was a buck vortex, strewn with scrapes and rubs.

My dad harvested a great 130 class buck on the first day on stand and I harvested a nice six point buck on day five, yes, my dad can still out hunt me.

We are once again excited about deer hunting and feel like we are learning all over again and that's exciting. We can't thank MAHA enough for providing us with a place to hunt, because bottom line, that was the missing link in our hunting journey. Attached are a few pictures of my dad's buck.

Our best regards, Mike & Gary


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