Attached are some pictures from this year's gun season. Overall, we've had a pretty good far. Our group of four guys have taken a total of six whitetail deer with our bows (five does and one 8 point buck, sorry I didn't have a camera for him, not a brute anyway, but a nice deer with a bow) During the youth season, my daughter saw a lot of deer, but no bucks. As a matter of fact, she saw over thirty deer in one field one evening, but nothing with horns (as you can see, we still have a way to go to get the doe to buck ratio in check at this farm, but we are trying) She decided to try only for bucks during the youth season and one never showed close enough for a shot, but we still had a great time.

This year's gun season was a great success for us. Wetook two very nice bucks on the opening weekend. The deer movement overall seemed to be down, but the right deer showed up in the right place and that was all that really matters. Craig had several shots at deer, but is holding out for the type of deer that we know is in the area. Randy was able to take a very nice 8 pointer. It has a beautiful cape, sporting a double throat patch. I was also able to take my largest buck to date. He has a few tines broke off from fighting, but is still a very nice deer. It looks like he was at least a 19 pointer (He is a typical 6x7 with a lot of sticker points) at one time before he got into a fight with another buck in the area. He has broken off 3 points on his right main beam and his brow tine is also broken off (the other brow tine has 6 scoreable points coming off of it). Either way, I was very excited to take a deer like this. He field dressed at well over 200 pounds. We have let the little bucks pass the last four years on this farm and we are starting to see the results by the number of mature bucks we have seen here the last couple of years.

Finally......a bigger deer than my 12 year old daughter's deer :)....I hope she retakes the lead next year.
Good Hunting, Shawn

Another great start to the deer season. Early on, my buddies and I have been able to take quite a few does. And then my daughter, Kelsey, strikes again with a very respectable 9 pointer during the youth season (she also got a 23lb turkey during the youth turkey season...but I can't find the pictures...maybe someday).

Then at 9am Monday morning, two hot does, four crazy shooters running around in a CRP field. One 12 pointer about 150+" that was too far to shoot. And one brute (close to 170") that was running BOTH of the does at the same time. He and the does ran right under my stand (one yard or less), but at full speed. I tried everything but jumping on him to get him to stop for a shot, while I was at full draw. He never slowed.....

Then I saw a 120+" 10 pointer at about 70 yards, but he headed into the Osage Orange patch behind me. The grunting stopped, so I started grunting hoping to call one of the bucks back (hoping they had lost the doe momentarily). I looked up and coming down the hill toward me is the one I shot. I had a live decoy in a small fork horn that showed up under my stand EVERYTIME I was great to watch the confusion on that young deer's face. But this time it helped, that big ten pointer saw him and came in bristled up. I double lunged him at 20 yards and he whirled and went down less than 50 yards later. I sat in the tree for about 10 minutes anyway...just to make sure I wouldn't fall out.

Those types of days are rare and I would have remembered it even if I didn't get a buck...he was just the icing on the cake.

Kirk took a turkey with his bow that morning needless to say, it has been an exciting week.

The best part though....getting to see my daughter add another one to the board. I am so thankful that she enjoys being out there with her "old man".

Hopefully, we will have more to add soon.
Good Hunting, Shawn

Here are the pics I promised to go with the story.

Hope they turned out okay. Hopefully Craig and Randy will send you some of theirs and my other buddy Curt had great success this weekend.

His son killed a deer that will score close to 170...he is planning on sending some pics in to you sometime.

Hey John!
Hope your season is going well so far. If you're like me, it's just good to be out doing what we love to do. I have attached a couple of photos from one of the deer I got this year. It has been a tough year with high winds and even higher temperatures, but it sure beats sitting on the couch.

Our group has still been fortunate enough to take several does and three bucks including this one. I also got another archery turkey and we filled our fall turkey shotgun tags.

This particular deer, while not the biggest I have taken, is definitely one of the most exciting. I spotted himbedded with a doe in a CRP field and after about an hour and a half of belly crawling I got close enough to take a shot. It was neat to watch him stand up, look around, doze off, chase off a couple of younger bucks and basically just do what a deer does in his natural habitat. It's rare (at least for me) to be able to watch a buck interact for that long and that is what made the hunt so enjoyable.

As for Kelsey, she was only able to go one day this year. We saw five deer, but the only one that gave her a good shot showed up before shooting time. Regardless, I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with my daughter and that made the trip worth it.

Good hunting and good luck finding the birds, Shawn


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