This 150+ net P&Y buck was a late Christmas present, shot the day after Christmas this year. This buck and several others along with a herd of does were pushed to my location by bird hunters.

If you look at his head he was quite a fighter. As the group of deer approached this buck was lowering his head and poking another large 10 point in the rump. It appears from the scars, scabs and loss of fur he had locked antlers with anther buck and been locked together for some time. The brow tine from the opposing buck took it's toll on this bucks head. On the main beams above the brow tines there are worn and polished areas on his antlers which appear to be where the two bucks' racks were locked together.

Taken during the early Muzzleloader season. My first deer taken with muzzleloader on the first evening of the season. This buck's gross score was near 140.

Taken during bow hunting season. This was my first P&Y buck scoring 133, field dressed at 225#, shot early in the bow season.

This buck was taken during the gun season. Notice the third antler which looks like a brow tine, but was actually coming out between the main two antlers.

My first buck taken with a rifle.

This was my first buck and only my second bow deer. I harvested him in late October and have continued to hunt the same property year after year.

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