John have been hunting the last several weekends down in [location deleted] on your previous advice on good places to scout out. I had been in there scouting and had found a lot of buck sign. Over the course of six days of hunting over three weeks I seen sixteen different bucks. Had several encounters with some really big deer but something always seemed to turn them at just the last minute. Even had a fork horn one day mount my doe decoy and despite my yelling at him he rode it until he collapsed it to the ground. Had never had anything like that happen to me before. Yesterday didn't get in until 11:00 am as I have noticed that most the buck movement is from mid morning to mid afternoon. This brute came walking down the trail right under my deer stand at 3:30pm and gave me a 10 yard shot. After seeing the deer hit solid I watched as he went out about 50 yards and fell over. What a great, great hunt again, this was everything a bow hunter dreams about all because of a quality Assc. that gets the right ground to hunt for it's members. Thanks for all you and your staffs continuing hard work. Steve

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Well as you can see it happened again this year in [location deleted]. I can't hardly believe it yet. Having only scouted over in [location deleted] once I took the chance and went over for a weekend hunt. Walking back into the property I seen very little fresh sign but decided to hunt a patch of timber along a trail with sign several days old. About 2 pm I had three bucks come running thru the timber past my stand. I was able to stop this buck by voice grunting at 12 yards. After the shot he ran 40 yards and then stood for 5 minutes and I could see blood coming out both sides of him before he laid down. Because of the height of my stand I knew I had gotten only one lung. The other two bucks laid down within 30 yards of my stand and all of them stayed there until dark. The buck I shot had gotten up on wobbly legs and re-laid down behind a big tree so I couldn't see if he was down for good. When I climbed down from the tree I looked up to see him standing there and then bonding off for several leaps before walking out of sight. I checked the area were he had laid and found a bed full of blood so I immediately went looking for my arrow. What I found would make any hunter sick, an arrow with paunch on it from his stomach. I had seen the entry side and knew I had hit him in the lungs. It was really tough but I walked out and left him for the night . I knew he was mortally hit after watching him for so long from the stand but knew it would be better to leave him lay although I still had vivid memories of last years deer having the hind quarters eaten off by coyotes' overnight. I went to check on another member I had meet that afternoon named Brian [last name deleted] from Wisconsin to see if he had any luck as we had agreed to check with each other before leaving. Brain was having a bad time with a touchy starter on his truck. Brain volunteered to go back in the morning to help with the recovery which absolutely blew me away that someone who was a stranger just a few hours before was willing to take his hunting time to help me out. After a mostly sleepless night and a lot of prayers Brain and I went back in and found the buck only 80 yards further then were I had seen him last. The shot had been perfect upon entry but had bounced off a rib and came out further back. Meeting Brain was just as rewarding as getting any animal, he is a very courteous, pleasant, serious hunter and one of the best people I've ever met. Thanks Jon for all you and your staffs hard work as this is the payoff for all members to have a chance to experience. Great work, thanks again.

It was text book all the way as both bucks came in following my drag line trail with buck lure.


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