huntingWas just going to let you know how this years hunting trip went. With the crops cut well before our arrival deer patterns were a lot different from the past few years. We only filled one of our 4 tags. But I was able to take my best deer ever, and with my bow at that.

The hunt was one I will never forget. And best of all was able to track and recover the deer with my dad at my side. It was a cool morning with little to no winds. I had a set of rattling horns with me that I had from a friend. I have never rattled a deer in that I was aware of in my lifetime. But with in less than 30 seconds of hitting the horns. I had a 150+ 10pt at less than 10yds of my tree. Needless to say I was a little unprepared for a deer like this at that range. I missed the first shot at 20yds, I'm just going to say I had a little bit of buck fever. But I was able to quickly grab another arrow. And recover with a 12 ring shot at 33yds. Deer only ran about 75yds and was down.

Thanks for all the hard work, will be back again next year!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Steven



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