Only 3.5 days to hunt on land never before scouted.

Six hunting day trip done in a day and a half.

Seen for shot, ran off before draw was complete.

archeryI had another fairly successful archery hunt last week. This is my 4th year in the association and I'm just now beginning to spend more time hunting than looking. I returned to the same property I hunted last year hoping I could tag out within 4 days so I could try another state on the way home. The week was tough because of the warmer temps brought by the southern winds. I placed a couple stands which I could hunt with northern or western winds. Both stands were hot spots last year, unfortunately I never got to hunt from them. I had two other stands for southern winds and spent most of my time on those. I saw several young bucks during the week but nothing of any interest. I did get this one after 3.5 days of hunting. He’s not my best but it is a perfect rack. Probably in the low 130’s and is definitely an offspring of the 148 inch buck I took there last year. I probably should have passed on him but it appeared nothing was happening there and after talking to several other hunters I have met over the years, nothing was happening for them either. One day I hope to get to the point where I feel confident enough to pass on mid 130 bucks. I talked to two other members who hunted the property after me and they never saw another shooter the rest of the week so I guess my decision to take him worked out. I did manage to hit the second state for 3 days on the way home. I saw much more buck sign on that farm and I saw tons more bucks. Actually I saw 17 bucks and 2 does. Two of the bucks were shooters but I managed to bungle one of them, can’t get them all. Overall I had a great week though and would like to express my thanks. Steven

huntI had a strenuous but successful hunt this year. This is my third year with the association so I'm still exploring properties. I harvested this guy on a piece of property I've never hunted before. My plan was to try the property for three days; if I was unsuccessful I'd move to property I hunted last year. When I got to the property, I couldn't believe it. Most of the properties I hunted in my previous two years contained a lot less wood line. This property afforded me to place several stands. If I felt I pressured the deer too much, I could easily move to another area on the property. Last year I had to move to another property because the deer were traveling the same wood line which usually was the only wood line. And honestly, I only saw sign of one other hunter ever being on the property. Foot travel was nearly non-existent, no cut lines, no red ribbons leading to previously placed stands, no shooting lane trimmings, only 1 limbed out tree which was only hunted once. You could say I had to settle for a piece of property with promising deer sign which nobody wanted to hunt. Jeez, how bad can it get! Am I that unlucky! The only down side, I did have a couple coon dogs running around here and there but the deer didn't seem to mind.

huntersOne thing I had to keep telling myself though, more woods makes it a little harder to get one in close. The weather wasn't great, SE winds and warm temps. I should have brought a swim suit and sun tan lotion. I only had a north wind twice during the week; both times I had a shooter in close. One passed me without stopping. I did stop him with a grunt followed by a couple bleats. He came back within 15 yards for at least 2 minutes. Only problem, there we a couple ¼ inch limbs right in front of the vitals. The second buck 3 days later wasn't as lucky. I actually passed him up at 35 yards because he was down hill and I was 16 feet up a tree and he didn't look that big. I decided to take a closer look so I drew him in with a powerful grunt followed by 2 bleats. He came back from 45 to within 18 yards and I corrected my error in judgment 5 minutes prior. It was a clean and quick kill.

For other new members (especially singles like me), here's my lessons learned:

  1. Even small wood lines produce.
  2. Get proficient in locating the properties, not all have signage.
  3. Get a deer cart, you can’t drag these monsters by yourself.
  4. Don't be afraid to rattle, grunt, bleat (anything to get one in).
  5. No matter how dejected you get, keep hunting hard If conditions are bad where you’re hunting, they're probably the same 10 miles away (don't bounce around).
  6. Oh, most importantly, stay off the un-graveled roads when they’re wet even if they don't look that bad (learned the hard way) If you do place stands on un-graveled roads, make sure you have a back up property on a graveled road.

Thanks MAHA, can't wait to come back.

Thank you Steven for the pictures and great story to go with it.


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