self guided Kansas deer hunting all season longHey,

Here is one of pictures' I promised I hope I can send a bunch more.

Well here is the story behind this 1st buck (scored 136 3/4 green). I came to scout this summer for 3.5 days. I was really surprised I didn't see a lot of deer. My hunting partner Kevin Haenke and I arrived a week before rifle season to get a handle on things. We saw a few big deer while scouting and were ready for a good hunt after 2 days of looking.

private land Kansas huntingWe both have Kansas deer tags so we drove to KS. to look that over.( I hope I can send you a pic of a of a bigger deer from there.) We returned to MO. The day before the opener to hang our stands. Kevin had some bad luck as the corn field he had planned to sit was being picked. This is why I am not sending a picture of 2 bucks as he elected to sit in the same spot rather than try and find a different spot so late. We were in our stands well before daylight having not slept much the night before. I took some video of a smaller buck chasing a doe. They left and at 9:00 am I saw this guy. Time to put the camera away and get the gun. I can't began to tell you how great all the people were. The landowners were telling us where the deer were where we could drive it was great. Kevin stayed until he could just make it home (MI) for it's opener. He was just as excited when he left as when we got there. If he kills off early in KS. he says he is going to muzzleloader hunt MO. again. You guys have a great thing going here. I am sure you don't get enough pats on the back but here's one.


Gone Hunting, Todd


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