hunt...was going to be a quick hunt prior to work and ended up being the most incredible deer hunt of my life. Had a 130 class buck bust me a 730AM. I needed to get to work NLT 9AM so I thought the morning was over. Five minutes later I had a Doe come off the ridge when I saw this buck trailing her he looked like an Elk he was so huge. She was in heat and passed me at 25 yards. He hit the first opening and went through before I could shoot he hit the 2nd opening at 28 yards I bleated he stopped the arrow was on the way. I only got about 8 inches of penetration and the arrow fell out when he jumped the fence but it was enough. The 2 blade Rage got the job done and Ray Charles could have followed this blood trail. He scored 168 2/8...


I know these two deer made it through the season.




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