Hey John I just wanted to let you know about my whitetail deer hunt in [location deleted]. I thought that my bad luck in [location deleted] had continued when on the first afternoon of my [location deleted] hunt a nice buck chased a doe down the trails I was watching. I was sitting on a stool overlooking a hill when I saw a doe running towards me. I quickly pulled up my gun and noticed that the sight in the scope was blurry because the power was to high. I saw the buck coming and I was trying to lower the power when he came trotting by at 25 yards. As soon as I lowered the power I quickly pull the gun to my shoulder just in time to get him in the scope and get off a shot. At the shot the buck hit the ground instantly. I couldn't believed it because it happened so fast my feeling of gratification turned from joy to disbelief when after lying on the ground for several minutes the buck pulled himself up and started dragging himself off down the hill. Why I didn't follow up with a second shot I don't know except I didn't think he could go anywhere. Boy was I wrong, however I jumped up and then tried for another shot, but he had gotten down in a ravine and I couldn't see him because of darkness had set in as I was trying to chase the deer. He seemed to get his act together and crossed the road and went up the other side of the hill. I was sick, and looked for him way after dark and later decided that I would get help and pursue him the next morning in what snow was left. The next morning I waited for my buddy Steve to have his morning hunt and we were to meet at my spot. When he arrived there we quickly started tracking finding lots of blood and tracks. We followed the deer about 1/4 mile and finally lost all tracks and blood. We looked on up into mid afternoon when I finally gave up. Giving up was what I was ready to do, but after a day we went on continuing hunting, moving to different areas we were assigned. After the forth mourning we were going to give up and head for home. I had left my stool at another spot and in order to get it I had to walk across a couple of hills and a ravine. When I came to this particular gully it was so steep I walked up and down trying to find an easy place to cross. When I went off in the ravine I grabbed trees to pull myself up and when I got some elevation back over the creek I noticed something white down about 50 yard, I thought there's a deer, and then thought that it might be my deer. I climbed back down in the thick creek and walked down through the tangle of briars and much to my surprise found the deer I shot 3 1/2 days earlier. It was the largest body deer I had ever taken with thick mass at the bass, 10 points, and a unique rack. I estimated that the deer would weigh up to 280 lbs. or maybe more. Needless to say it was a happy ending to a sad beginning.

Thanks for suggesting this area, I saw several bucks and does. It was a good area and I would not hesitate to go back or recommend it to another member. Once again thanks for you help and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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