Deer Hunting - Self Guided, Private Land
Kansas, Iowa, Missouri

We Are Mid-America Hunting Association

Deer hunting video.A self guided private land foot hunting organization.

All deer season long in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa.

All may hunt their choice of any season over multiple spots.

We get all to where to begin their hunt.

Archery, modern or muzzleloader firearms deer seasons.

Not a canned hunt. Fair chase only. No fence. Compliance to all state and federal regulations.

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How We Operate

Deer lease land mapHunters apply for a membership slot. That gains access to an online map library of deer leases.

All get recommendations of where to hunt. Hunters make a reservation in advance of his hunt. He simply travels to that deer lease then hunts as he sees fit compliant with all state and federal regulations.

Trophy DeerKansas Deer Hunting

Kansas deer hunting for Mule or Whitetail deer.

This Association has private land in eight management units for bow and gun hunters. Units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16.

Each hunter may scout, hang his own stands, then hunt on several spots.

Kansas Deer Hunting

Iowa Deer Hunting

Iowa deer hunting is in non-resident zones 4 and 5.

This is grain farming region with soybean and corn being predominate crops. Protective cover is largely wooded drainage cutting through grain fields connecting small wood patches.

Iowa Deer Hunting

Average deer hunters

Average work-a-day hunters.

Missouri Deer Hunting

Missouri deer hunting has been good to us with its four point one side zone overlapping Association land. Plenty of bow friendly land with a starting date of September 15. Gun season is during peak rut in middle November. Missouri's gun and archery season is offset from that of Iowa or Kansas making it easy to hunt a Missouri - Kansas then a Missouri - Iowa rotation from season to season.

Missouri Deer Hunting


Trophy and not so much trophy whitetail hunts. We offer a good hunt. The trophy is whatever the hunter wants it to be.

Kansas Missouri Iowa

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