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Two life long Hunters run Mid-America Hunting Association. Jon Nee and John Wenzel. Hunters should have confidence these two partners know what deer hunters want. They also know providing a good hunt will bring hunters back for years of hunts. This is not a once and done organization. Most bow hunters spend more than 10 years in their Association. Gun hunters less so.

Pictured is Mid-America Hunting Association owner. Jon Nee Sr, with a couple of his harvests. Not the biggest to be had. A good representation of average. We are always cautions never to oversell any idea all will be successful trophy deer hunters.

Jon Nee Jr. became a trophy deer hunter at an enviable age. A better testament to Jon Sr's deer hunting accomplishment than another of his own.

Starting this young having gown up deer hunting from the BB Gun stage makes a world of difference in understanding. Jon pulled this one off on his own after years of watching dad.

In the case of John Wenzel his preference is not to show any deer harvests. Having done so before creates an illusion of expertise.

John is sure to let all know he is as average as any other deer hunter. He also promotes an idea of a good hunt tag-on or not.

His pictures are on the web site success section. Deer only, none with his face. Never wants to get into an expert conversation.

For All

What should most be valued by reviewers of this web site is we do not identify ourselves as deer hunting experts, pro-hunters, guides or anything else other than we enjoy hunting as much as anyone else. We understand our hunters will only renew their membership if they have a good deer hunt. That is what we are after - a high year to year renewal rate.

About Mid-America Hunting Association

Mid-America Hunting Association was created in 1965. By a group of four hunters and Kansas City business owners. They wanted to hunt without spending time knocking on landowner doors for permission. They began to lease land. Soon had more than they were willing to manage as well as additional hunters taken on to help pay the leases. They hired Jon Nee (current owner) to manage their club. It continued to grow in acreage and members.

The original group of four founders through growth of their prior businesses simply wanted to hunt without the additional responsibility of being directors of a club. Three of the four in turn sold their share of the club to the one last hold out who later then sold the organization to Jon Nee in 1981.

Jon Nee then transitioned the membership from a club mentality into a hunter organization. A culture focused on do it yourself individual hunts. With a set of ethics emphasizing enjoyment of the day in nature versus a more social group club climate. This one aspect alone changed everything. We believe it to be the very foundation of our success. The cause of our members returning each season.

From 1981 to the present Jon Nee built the organization until capping off in the late 1980's early 1990's with 170,000 acres of land. That cap reflected the amount of work he alone could accomplish in one year. After a secession of failed partners John Wenzel entered the organization in 1995. The Association grew to range from 225,000 to a one time high of 259,000 acres settling within the range of 200,000 to 220,000 acres and a membership in the 800's. Then as Jon and John grew older it was more about time than business success. A scaling back was developed. Today's Association is less than 700 folks from fishing only memberships to the majority being non-residents traveling in from many states. Land value increased through a continual cutting of the worst of it and adding better. Overall fewer hunters, better cover, all in grain (wildlife) food productive regions.

This lower level is what works well for both Jon and John in terms of how much road and land time the two can expend in a year. The result for hunters is as the Association lives up to its maxim of:

Spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt!

And, that self guided hunting is on the right habitat within the right region of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Feel free to call us at anytime, 816 761 3636 or email your questions. When calling we may not always be available. However, our secretary or answering machine is. In all cases we will either talk or we will take your message and call you back.

Thank you for visiting.


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Mid-America Hunting Association
Spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt.
Since 1965

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