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MAHA offers self guided Mule and Whitetail Deer hunting. For those with their own equipment and their own skill. On private lease land in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.



Our main deer hunting section begins on this web page.

Not A Trophy Whitetail Group

On many websites the outfitter shows pictures of only their largest racks. Well positioned in front of the guide's road sign or lodge. We have no lodge. We do not guide.

Mount pictures shown on this page are not our largest. In a self guided hunting organization each can hunt any trophy whitetail at whatever level he is at.

What we are highlighting here is just one of our Association's hunters success. As shown with a selection of some of has harvests.

We offer deer hunting for those that like to hunt deer. We never promote ourselves as only a trophy whitetail organization. We would all like to be top trophy hunters, but desire is rarely reality.

whitetaildeerhuntingleasehunterwhitetail deer hunting

These trophy deer were harvested by Harold P., one of our senior citizen deer hunting members. We have a lot of gray hair in our organization with an average age of our folks is in the upper 40's. These more seasoned hunters are serious about their time in field. Thank you Harold for sharing your pictures.


Hunts with us begin with our encouraging all to conduct their own scouting. A first step to enhancing success potential. All should have several farms selected from all available acreage he scouted. Spots where they may want to hunt come fall season. Spots with confidence in to stay all day in stand.

All may hunt as many farms as they have time to develop. More importantly, all employ their own style free from unwanted influences. Or, not in competition with any others or public lands mentality of cutting off the other guy.

With us everyone should have enough knowledge of more leases than he will have time to spend in stand during any one trip. This is more true by some one's second season and beyond than first.

Season Progression

First season folks attitude should be he is setting himself up for a lifetime of seasons to come. After a second or third season he will get to a point of having boots on ground experience with enough properties he will be arguing with himself as to where he wants to hunt.

By his fourth season a hunter typicaally has covered more ground finding more leases to his liking to a point he most likely will not hunt his first season ground. Soon he will get where he will be waiting until a day or two before his hunt to get a last read on weather conditions before deciding where he wants to spend his next day. Once he makes a decision he reserves his spot to insure loneliness.


Most hunters will have at least three properties they would consider first choice spots. On each of those several leases he may have anywhere from one to many trees prepared for stands or stands hung.

That same hunter can be in a different stand from morning to afternoon. On his same or different farm of choice. Each day of his deer hunt until finding his trophy. Once identifying that trophy buck hunters may remain with that one farm.

Each hunter is not limited to just one hunting lease or tree stand. He may spend a day or days on several. Value to this is in spite of the best possible scouting come any hunt day things may change. What may have previously looked to be a very best possible spot in March is no longer attractive in October. In this case hunters move onto his other separated/numbered farms. He does not have all his eggs in one basket.

Deer Hunter Separation

MattOur deer hunting lease use is by a reservations system. It ensures deer hunter separation.

Motivation for making a reservation is once we know where and when anyone wants to be we will not place anyone else on top of him. It is also a means to track total pressure days redirecting others from spots previously hunted.

Average acreage per hunter per day is a 1/4 section, or a 160 acres. In some places there may be much as 640 acres as habitat on such a section may only support one person per day.

In other areas of above average productive cover in some regions of better history we do break leases down into 80 acre subcomponents. Value of this is not to place someone on each 80 acre piece every day. It is during any deer season itself someone wanting to hunt those leases must commit to a very specific location and not just put random pressure on the ground by walking through all of it.

Hunt Quality Execution

It all comes down to a good deer hunting experience itself. Filling a tag with someone's lifetime trophy is our goal. However, reality of self guided deer hunting is 90% failure with all of us working toward that day we achieve 100% success. Those who think they will simply walk into a trophy of a lifetime mislead themselves. This should not need be written here, except we do get such inquiries.

We offer first a quality deer hunting experience in Kansas Missouri and Iowa. Where all may enjoy their time in solitude. Pitting their skill against instincts of a trophy whitetail. This is where all achieve all success or failure on their own.

Youth Deer Hunter

Successful youth deer hunter. Chris.

youth deer hunter


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