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Matt's muzzleloader buckFlexibility

Muzzleloader deer hunting offers sequential Kansas, Missouri and Iowa deer seasons.

Allowing for 6 weeks of deer hunting without impact on other deer seasons. During a low pressure time of year.

Matt's buck at right.


Kansas muzzleloader season offers variety in two regards.

First, is early muzzleloader season. A warm weather, pre rut season where stalking is effective. Far different than during rut hunting from early October through mid December where tree stands are more effective.

Second, Kansas modern gun deer season allows a muzzleloader deer hunter to hunt once more on the same tag. This provides in general 20+ days of firearms deer season making vacation scheduling easier.

The real advantage to Kansas' early muzzleloader deer season is opportunity to hunt bachelor group bucks. They are lazy, do not move much and are easily pre-season scouted. Altogether more skill rather than need for much luck as during peak rut when the bucks are on hot doe. For those who truly want to expand their whitetail adventure, these bachelor group bucks are a different kind of a hunt. One most hunters have not experienced.

Further, Kansas deer seasons are offset from Missouri's modern gun and muzzleloader seasons. Missouri tags are over the counter purchase. Combining Kansas and Missouri then separate modern and muzzleloader seasons gives up to 8 weeks of season to schedule as many hunts as vacation time will allow. All of this is for the same cost. However, no one has the energy or time to hunt all these available days. It all comes down to this is an example how MAHA allows great flexibility for the limited free time we all have.

Iowa muzzleloader deer season offers yet another opportunity to hunt bucks outside of rut. This is a post rut season. Starting late in December for non-residents. We assume at this point that Iowa residents know about Iowa's split seasons for resident and non-resident deer hunters.

This late post rut Iowa deer season further allows for advantages as Kansas' early muzzleloader season. A hunter may apply more skill at stalking. A predictable deer pattern rather than requiring as much luck as skill as during rut when buck movements are dictated by a doe in season.

Between these two muzzleloader deer seasons in Iowa and Kansas hunters has basically 4 weeks of whitetail deer hunting field time. All on survival based movement patterns.


Reality is more hunting opportunity than 99% of hunters have free time to use. Our pricing is based on average usage, not maximum potential season days. Further, greatest success does come from hunting less. Those who try to hunt more than one state or season have lower taxidermy bills then those who concentrate within one state or season.

Concentration of time and effort continues downward to hunting on average 3 to 5 spots on a trip. Most do, or should, agree hunters are far better at picking wrong than right. Hunting more than one spot mitigates any wrong spots. Such flexibility keeps MAHA hunters returning for many years of hunts.

Subsequent seasons of experience which combine into a more detailed understanding on the same collection of land and season usually gives greater eyes on success. And, we realize for many deer hunting state of choice is frequently dictated by work schedules. Part of the flexibility that Mid-America Hunting Association brings the self guided deer hunter. We have a season in one of our three states that will work for most.

Cannot say this enough. We have repeatedly observed over many years hunters who have the most success are ones who concentrate. Not just on one particular region, but also within one season. The muzzleloader hunter, archery or modern firearms deer hunter does best when he remains within one discipline. He learns nuances, seasonal habitat preference and methods.

Contrasting is one who tries to hunt all MAHA offers. Crossing state lines, multiple methods and changing properties frequently.

The difference between these two deer hunters is simple. One hunts whitetail deer. The other pushes bucks.

MAHA Advantages

There are other advantages to our muzzleloader deer hunts. However, that one specific point about concentrated effort in both time and location appears to be a central key to deer hunting success. This is for those hunters with the most recurring success. MAHA hunters can return to land previously hunted as well as add new land to his inventory of hunt spots each season.


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