2017 Private Land Deer Hunting in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri

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Deer Hunting We Have

Private land deer hunting over tens of thousands acres of land in grain farming regions.

We operate in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri.

Archery, modern gun and muzzleloader seasons. All may hunt any season of their choice

Who We Are

We are Mid-America Hunting Association.

Since 1965 we have secured private land deer hunting leases exclusively to Association hunters.

Our advantage is no lodge, so need to have leases within easy driving distance to a lodge. This means we make anywhere within each state available to us where to acquire acreage. When we spend money we must earn it is where we will get a good return for our hunters.

Our approach is simple. One annual cost to hunt any Association lease. In all three states. Any time during any season. Pre-season scouting encouraged. Self guided hunts only.

Most hunters travel out for a week of their choice. They do so for two of our three states each year.

What We Provide

We provide private land deer hunting access. Exclusive Association hunter use. No sharing of our acreage, no franchising our organization, we simply concentrate on good hunts.

We offer recommendations of where to hunt. They come from two Association partners, Jon Nee and John Wenzel. These two do it all from acquire lease contracts, working with hunters, office paper work to cleaning their latrine. All hunters will have access to these two.

Recommendations are right to a point of where to park the truck, step out, get in stand. They should be considered starting points. Most will scout these spots along with our other surrounding private land. Usually such scouting finds several desirable spots. This repeats its self to by the third season most have found spots they like better to a point of no longer hunting their first year choices.

Next is a local lodging listing inclusive of motels, campgrounds, meat locker and tow truck services.

Hunter provides all else he requires. All scout, place out their own stands or blinds. Most will have a handful of spots they would consider first choice. Each may choose from day to day for where spend that day.

Private Land Deer Hunting Advantage Through This Association

How it works is if we allocate anyone a slot he gains access to an online library of private land maps. Each spot on each map sheet is numbered. Maps are the basis of conversation of where to get started.

Most will cover somewhere between 2,000 to 4,000 acres fairly quickly settling on 3 to 5 farms they would consider first choice. That hunter would then make a reservation for where he wants to spend his time. Each may select from day to day any spot, changing locations or staying put to any one lease.

All can cover ground to find a buck of choice. Opposed ideas would be to find one single spot hoping something comes by.

Each may return season after season to a same collection of farms. On each trip he may add to his places he may want to hunt.

Spring turkey season is included for the same cost. Using spring season as a chance to further a scouting effort is common.

The Association deer hunter gallery shows proof of performance.

Iowa Deer Hunting

Iowa private land deer hunting is in south central Iowa deer management zone 4, zone 5. All is within the Grand River Watershed. Grain farming mostly in soybeans or corn.

Iowa deer hunting

Largest of local Iowa towns are Bedford, Corydon, Leon, Red Oak.

More about our Iowa private land deer hunting?

Zone 4 or Zone 5

Kansas Deer Hunting

Kansas private land covers 8 management units. All lease land is within grain farm country.

Kansas deer lease

Kansas management units of 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 contain most of our private land acreage.

Greater depth about our self guided Kansas deer hunts?

Missouri Deer Hunting

Missouri deer hunting overlaps both the older and newer four point one side zones.

Missouri deer lease

Missouri's acreage is largely within the Grand River Watershed, Missouri River Valley, and western fringe of the Osage Watershed south of Kansas City. All is in grain farming predominated soybean and corn.

Private land north Missouri deer hunting specifics?

Field Quality Not Trophy

Self guided hunts inclusive of state regulations. No Association required trophy fees or penalty fees.

What we offer is private land deer hunting free from competition. On more than one lease. Over an entire season.

Not perfect or have a higher success rate than any other option. We do our best. Most who try us one season agree they have not found anything better. We have a high return rate. Few quit for what they describe as bad hunts. We survive based on returning hunters with many having decades of years within their Association.

Enjoy The Hunt

Our approach allows every do it yourself hunter to enjoy a hunt to his own definition. Youth hunters may harvest any racked buck or doe included on any tag. Trophy hunters may seek their best yet trophy rack. No one will be led by their hand being told how or when. Most will have more than one stand on any one of several private land farms they would like to hunt. This adds up to a special feeling of satisfaction is achieved that all have hunted enough at the end of any trip.

About Doe Harvest

We further do not have any doe harvest requirement. We encourage as many hunters as possible to harvest a doe or two each season.

Hunt For Success

Success comes from covering multiple spots finding a buck of choice.

Opposed would be having just one spot and hope something comes by.

Our telephone number is at the bottom of each page. Call us anytime.

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