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Association partners Jon Nee and John Wenzel will share their recurring knowledge of land with all new to Association hunters. This is a first year jump start. After that most hunters have covered enough land to have refined their spots.

This is a courtesy outside of Association rules. While our rules serve as a basis for the relationship between hunters and Association there are additional relationship actions taken to make a better organization. On the hunter's part sending in pictures and feedback about their hunts is certainly enjoyed by all. Those hunters who understand this value of reciprocation always find such courtesy gives back more.

Where To Hunt

Any lease recommended by either Jon Nee or John Wenzel is based on their years of land work. As such all recommendation while based on eyes on good racks, good sign or habitat within, their recommendations are nonetheless historical. In spite of this historical characteristic any recommendation is intended to give all a good start their first year.

Recommendations are generally well received. Most Association hunters understand the MAHA partners have a value incentive to insure all have a good hunt. This is contrasted to taking recommendations from another deer hunter. Serious deer hunters are like bass fishermen about any good spots. They are simply the best liars around. Or, at least avoider's of the whole truth!

Deer Hunter Feedback

"...hunting choices alone do not make for better hunts, concentrating within those choices makes the better deer hunt..."

-Long time traveling deer hunter that has been a MAHA member for 12 years

2 Bucks 2 States 2 Days

Hello John and Jon, How are things going? I just wanted to send you guys some pictures from my latest hunt. I was very fortunate this year and was able to tag 2 nice bucks in two states. I had hunted hard for nine straight days, dealing with about every obstacle one could run across. I figured my hunt was going to end without any opportunities. However, my luck turned for the best and in 30 hours I was able to harvest 2 dandies in 2 states. The remarkable part of this is the 30 hours included pulling stands, one night of rest, 5 hours travel, purchasing another license, finding a hotel, taking deer 1 to a processor, and finding a new farm. You can imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw Buck #2 coming over the knoll after only being there for 1.5 hours. I just wish I hadn't packed my deer cart at the bottom of the truck, because I decided to drag him out and that was not an easy task. The larger buck scored 142 3/4 and is my largest archery buck to date.

Recommendation Basis

There are two further understandings about these recommendations.

First, they are based largely on deer sightings. Second, they are often different than what any one hunter may have selected as a deer hunting spot.

In terms of the former, it is deer we are after. Not necessarily the best looking to the human eye habitat. To test this differential, seek feedback from any upland bird hunter as to habitat surrounding some of the biggest racks they put up. Most quail and pheasant hunters will have a list of large racked whitetail from unlikely looking deer cover. Most of these spots deer hunters would call “bird ground”.

The latter understanding is our recommendations are just that. They can be taken or discarded by any one hunter. All hunters may hunt where they see fit to do so.

Value of this self guided hunter organization is all may make their own hunt. From any hunter perspective, recommendation are largely to which lease to deer hunt. A secondary set of recommendations include which state to deer hunt. Largely based on which season gives best opportunities for limited vacation days.


When Not To Hunt

A frequently not considered decision criteria is for traveling deer hunters to hunt a portion of the rut he has the most experience hunting.

Those who try to cross over to an unfamiliar rut phase often do so because any one state has a deer season fitting his schedule. This approach will most likely find a deer hunter not getting eyes on many deer for lack of experience.

Pre rut, early rut, peak rut, trail rut and post rut hunts are all possible across the range of available MAHA seasons and states. However, not all hunters fit well into all deer behavior patterns. An illustration to make this point would be to hunt the early rut for those hunters that have skill with rattling, decoying and scents. For those who do not have a these tools in their kitbag hunting early rut will not be as effective as it could be. This is a time period where additional hunting skills pay off. A contrast is during peak rut when more luck of a hot doe being nearby is all that is required for eyes-on.

Any one can draw similar illustrations of changing hunting techniques and skills required for deer hunting throughout the range of deer behavior. Each phase has its own set of rules. Those who attempt to take those behaviors outside of their specified season will not have a good hunt. Those who stick to what they know best always have a better time of it.

Bachelor group just at early muzzleloader/archery. Another two weeks and these bucks will be gone onto reproduction motivated behavior.

Which State

In terms of Kansas Iowa or Missouri each state has trophy whitetail potential. Looking over P&Y/B&C books will open many eyes to often ignored Missouri.

Each state has habitat differentials with Kansas in the lead driving archery hunters to some regions. Missouri offering too many stand sites. Iowa, a hard tag draw.

Life is long and we have been around a long time. To select from among our three states is to work towards setting up for years of deer hunts to come. Or, finding a good fit of terrain, seasons, weather, fitting any one hunter's desires.


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