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Self guided huntsSelf guided deer hunts begin with scouting building towards a hunt itself. No surprise here. Just our agreeing where our article begins.

Mid-America Hunting Association self guided deer hunts provide a range of private land with various seasons. Or, flexibility in both time and location. Amongst all possibilities there does stand a superior approach which has gained satisfaction of first year MAHA self guided deer hunters.

Self guided deer hunts

Hunt your buck of choice to your own trophy standards. Never do we promote only the very best bucks.

Successful self guided hunts

Self guided deer hunts means each makes their own days afield. Their own equipment, transportation, skill. We provide many grain productive farms.

A Success Proved Approach

Successful self guided deer hunts begin by receiving from MAHA partners John Wenzel or Jon Nee their recommendations of where to get started. Next step is to review aerial photos of recommended spots.

When selecting from aerials of first to last farms many hunters look at habitat alone. Then amount of habitat. Mostly concentrating on trees. An overwhelming belief is more trees equals better opportunity. We agree to a degree. What most find different is protective cover is inclusive with other than trees. Brush, grass, is not visible on aerials. Both are great cover capable of concealing much. We would further add to someone's analysis additional decision criteria of type/size of habitat is not enough. Selection criteria of location is of benefit or consequence.

Location Is Important Greater Than Amount Of Protective Cover

Best hunts are on prime locations. Spots of cover/food/water outside direct line of observation from roads, farm yards or other human presence.

Private land hunting

A quarter section above. A 1/2 x 1/2 mile square. One hundred sixty acres. Its mix of grain fields with protective cover is average. Not our best or worst in terms of cover/food/water. The yellow is out of direct observation. Red areas can be easily seen from roads. A method where we can narrow down where potential payoff is greater.

We do not intend to teach scouting. Its an illustration about how many who first look at us do so seeking a single spot. Benefit we bring is each can have several spots to hunt each day thereby increasing his chance of getting on a big buck.

Self Guided Lease MapTo get to any lease would be by means of an online map library and a reservation.

Our online library has all spots on map sheets (sample at right). Each farm is numbered. Hunters would make a reservation to a spot of his choice for days he wants.

Having several spots of where to spend each day allows for hunters to find a buck of choice. Choice includes a hunter can hunt his same spot(s) season to season. He also should add a new spot or two each trip. A much better approach than selecting just a single farm hoping a buck shows. Or, a means of building on to prior success rather than relying on past performance.

Next, simply get boots to field to confirm/deny what aerials indicate to be true.


Deer camEveryone may scout as much acreage as they have time to cover. Starting point ideas are available from who draws financial motivation from insuring everyone has a good experience. The Association partners. Only they have been on or seen every Association lease.

From scouting to when actually in stand things do change. If a favored spot(s) is picked it may be hunted every day a hunter has. A further benefit is no single hunter is limited to just one spot. If after some a half day or more a favored piece just does not produce, hunters can move onto another.

We recognize success is very effort consuming. A penalty of self guided deer hunts. It also must be accepted by hunters. If not then perhaps a fully guided or outfitted operation may be a better option.

Traveling hunters pressed to make a good go of it can start small building up later. First year effort should concentrate to but one state. Execute a thorough scout or hunt. Once satisfactory land knowledge is accomplished of having several high confidence spots well learned the next state's effort may begin. To attempt a good level of effort in two states at once would likely stretch anyone too thin. Once a hunter has himself well established in a single state then expansion to another, subsequently to a third will maximize his flexibility. Usually by someone's third year he spending time in stand in two of this Association's three states.

About Missouri

Missouri's state wide tags may be purchased online. Tags allow 2 turkey 2 whitetail either sex.


A tag draw state. Tag issue in June. Tag applications due in April.

Multiple management units on each tag application. We have land in 8 management units. Any who applies to any of these eight units will always have a place to chase a buck of dreams.

As it has been for several years a greater number of tags are available than applicants.


Iowa tags is by competitive draw. Applicant success is low. Meaning 3-4 years between tags.

Iowa's tag application is in May. Tag issue in June. Plenty of days to scout from June to fall seasons.

Our southern Iowa land combined along our northern Missouri acreage is in close proximity to make a two state hunt easily traveled to.

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