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Skewed Deer Hunter Success Statistics

Iowa deer bow hunting within Mid-America Hunting Association has the highest ratio of success of all Association deer hunters.

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This Iowa deer hunter success effect is related to the filtering affect caused by the whitetail deer tag application system of limiting hunters. The viable Iowa non-draw year preference point system limiting most to two, sometimes three points before successfully drawing a tag seemingly drives away the less dedicated bow hunter and attracts the archery hunter more willing to put in scouting time when he is successfully drawn.

Deer Scouting Encouraged

That pre season deer scouting time we have seen over the years makes for as great a potential success enhancer of anything a hunter can accomplish. When scouting any of our leases every deer hunter will have plenty of acreage to find what he selects as his trophy whitetail deer spot or if lucky enough, several spots.

Those that do scout (most do and do more so than any other hunt discipline) will cover in general 2,000 or more acres and settle on generally two farms with multiple deer stands. These same deer hunters will continue to hunt one farm as often as possible and quit that land only when a harvest is successful or not and it’s time to move on to other farms.

Multiple Spot Hunting

Any one deer hunter may cover 3 to 5 of our lease land farms within one hunting trip. Anyone attempting to hunt too many properties in too short of a time essentially moves the deer around rather than seeks a pattern on any one lease. This difference is lost on many that think the more field days over a greater number of farms enhances success.

Bow Deer Hunter

Iowa's Advantage

Iowa's bow hunting. season has several advantages over that of our other states and they include the season is during the peak of the rut and before the firearms season. And, that firearms season is shotgun only, the shorter range of which leaves many quality racked bucks walking at the end of the year.

This one singular aspect of Iowa's deer hunting has not been the bonus many believe it might be to attracting bow hunters. While commented on frequently, it still remains that while Iowa bow hunting. season sees the greatest success amongst our bow hunters, Kansas remains the largest producer of 140+ bucks.

A final comment about peak rut hunts and shotgun only limitation combined with the large crop fields Iowa is well known for, may leave many deer bow hunters with a bow in their hands watching the best trophy whitetail of their career running haywire after a doe through the middle of a grain field well out of range of all. The good news is that outside of the peak rut with more predictable whitetail patterns and the more funneling terrain of the shallow drains crossing the many farm fields leaves many a shot opportunity for the archery tree stand hunter.

Satisfaction Gained

What most will enjoy about our do it yourself deer bow hunting are the number of lonely days in stand free of other hunters. This itself is frequently the reward many will seek and the heartache of others.

Those coming from high pressure deer hunting states will have become dependent on pushed movement and in the central mid-west the truly natural whitetail deer moves about in a far more limited manner than most realize.

This natural whitetail will not come to the deer hunter unless the hunter injects himself within that movement pattern. Picking that right spot within that pattern then becomes the key point of the hunt. No surprise in this statement. What MAHA provides is that deer hunt opportunity - the right habitat in the right region of Iowa that has a history of trophy production for do it yourself bow hunting.

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