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Tens of thousands of acres of Kansas private land.

Deer management units 3, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 16, 17.

Self guided deer hunts.

Hunter's choice of Kansas' seasons.

Pre-season scout.

No fence, fair chase, compliance to all wildlife regulations.

No knocking on doors or tracking down landowners

All may hunt any day they have.

All have a choice of spots to hunt each day.

See cost details.

Kansas deer hunting

We never oversell our hunting. We offer a quality hunt where all may be hunting when they want to, where they want to, managing day to day their hunts. Trophy deer are there. Odds are stacked against any one hunter.

Who We Are

A self guided, private land, foot hunting, fair chase Mule or Whitetail Deer hunter organization.

We operate in watershed grain farming regions of Kansas.

Our name is Mid-America Hunting Association. We have been providing self guided deer hunts in Kansas since 1965.

Self Guided - Only Deer Hunt We Provide

Kansas hunters may pre-season scout, hang his stands as early as he likes, hunt throughout any season. He may do so on his schedule.

Each Association hunters may scout or hunt several leases.

Our hunting success comes from each hunter being able to hunt his buck of choice. He does this by Mid-America Hunting Associationcovering ground, hunting more than one deer lease. This is opposed to having just one spot hoping something comes by.

Ours is a more skill intensive deer hunting option. It allows hunter's to match Kansas' varied terrain, seasonal food source, weather, wind to choose from day to day which Kansas lease, which stand, for how long he wants to occupy.

"... For three traveling bowhunters to come home with two nice Kansas bucks we have nothing to complain about..."

Trophy deer

KansasHow To Make A Self Guided Deer Hunt On Private Land

Our fee is from time paid until that anniversary next year. This allows preseason scouting. For those who cannot we, have been on each piece of our Kansas deer lease land over years. They will assist with ideas of where to hunt based on direct observation.

How to make that deer scouting trip and hunt:

A first step, is to get a list of Kansas farms to consider. They will be identified by numbers on our online hunting land maps. Hunters then take that deer lease listing and views aerials. He then sets a priority of work from first to last deer spot where he wants to scout or hunt. After that, it is just a matter of getting up this way.

All may spend as much time as available deer hunting or scouting. A mark to achieve would be finding three to five spots any hunter would consider first choice.

Jeff, his first Kansas experience in our group.

self guided hunter

More Success Pictures

Where To Go Kansas Deer Hunting

Kansas Deer Hunting Management Units

Kansas deer management units where we lease private land.

management units 3 7 8 9 10 11 16

Not every where in Kansas is good hunting. This Association not tied to a small area as is a outfitter/lodge/guided option. This allows us to make all of Kansas available to us for where to lease deer land. When it comes time to spend money we do so where we get a good return for hunters.

A further advantage through we have is our collective buying power. That gains hunter access to large acreage Kansas farming operations. Kansas farms well into tens of thousands of acres. These large farms are corporations. They are commodity oriented. We stick to grain corporations. They are not diversified with livestock in wildlife areas as are small acreage farms of under 3,000 acres. Few deer hunters on their own could afford to lease such large acreage of a corporate farm.

Our Kansas 2017 Lease land

Locations by county name and acreage


This map shows county names and amount of private land acreage we have within that county. Each Association deer hunter may choose from any of it of where to hunt.

Have a good read of the links below. They offer a more detailed explanation of our Kansas deer hunting. Always feel free to call any day or evening to discuss your plans. Our telephone number and email is at the bottom of every page.

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