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Kansas Mule Deer HuntingKansas Mule Deer hunting appears to be a great unknown for many.

Not only does Kansas have a good Mule Deer hunting there are a good number of trophy quality Mule Deer racks. Many western Kansas pheasant hunters can attest to.

A challenge with Association Kansas Mule Deer hunting is not quality or number of racked Mule Deer, or quality of Mule Deer habitat it is difficulty of drawing a Kansas Mule Deer tag. For those non-residents that draw a Kansas Mule Deer tag they have a good opportunity. It should be consider their once in a lifetime Kansas chance.

To make most of any hunting opportunity we will assist with where to hunt. We will give a farm listing of known Mule Deer populations.

Kansas mule deer hunting buck

Trophy Mule DeerJohn, "...I still have an any Kansas deer tag in which I am going to try to use on one in the attached picture [below]...you can see three nice bucks along with a small buck. Notice one buck to left with his head down, he is sneaking away. He is the one I am after. I got these pictures when a bird hunter pushed them out of a piece of land next to where I was to hunt..Seeing lots of quail also. Take care, Mike

Kansas Mule Deer

These pictures are of western Kansas Mule Deer on typical open lands Mule Deer occupy. Well known to upland bird hunters as well as a minority of deer hunters. To hunt such lands requires a patience to sit to glass superior to most Whitetail Deer hunters who find scouting/hunting in woodlots less tiresome. A fact that we recognize requires actual boots on the ground experience Kansas Mule Deer hunting to be believed. Our exposure to a handful of first time open lands deer hunters traveling from heavily wooded home states teaches us such things.

Kansas Prairie Mule Deer

Nothing better than actual Kansas hunter pictures, even if grainy.

Mule Deer HunterKansas Mule Deer hunting is far different than Rocky Mountain eastern slope or desert southwest that has been a long time favored destination for Mule Deer hunting. Along with two seasons Mule Deer hunting advantage on one Kansas tag gives more opportunity than other Mule Deer regions.

Another advantage is uphill walking is much less, there are no cactus, horses not required. For those that have gone Mule Deer hunting in more rugged areas Kansas will seem like a hollywood hunt. Being a great plains state, as flat as it gets. A final advantage is our Kansas Mule Deer hunting is all on private lease land we secured for our exclusive use.

Kansas Mule Deer regions include river country. Using river may be deceiving as indicating water. Year round water source is a valuable commodity, more rare than our use of river may indicate.

Opening below is an aerial photo, two ground level photos, all a portion of a contour map of what Kansas Mule Deer habitat looks like.

Photos below are of Medicine Lodge River drainage where we contract a large with several small Mule Deer holding ranch's. Visible river line may look like it contains water. What its dark line actually are is brush and trees that grow along its edge.

Aerial photos are often deceiving as to ease of ground navigation. Common to Kansas. While walking is easy with long observation our open land shown below contains many draws that can hide herds without any hunter ever finding them.

Mule Deer land

private landA photo covering only a portion of this ranch which is just a portion of tens of thousands of hunting acres under lease in several Kansas Mule Deer management units. This particular ranch has sufficient habitat and space to support 9 hunters a season for firearms or muzzleloader. We have yet to have 9 deer hunters in a season. Just never enough tag holders. Archery hunters would be extremely challenged.

A dry drain that runs into a tributary along the far ground bluffs. Seemingly of little topography each little ridge line crossed or bend walked around yields a new view of ground hidden from any other direction.

self guidedPictured right, a drain bottom of a draw halfway between the near draw in the photo above it and far ground bluffs. It may not appear to be good habitat, however this is the draw with a spring. Within 25 feet of this spring in any direction along its 30 foot length it was very hard to step anywhere without stepping on deer droppings. This little valley is a small as it looks and there are many of these little twisting hideaways that cannot be easily covered from anywhere. Once inside the next little valley is completely hidden.

To finally illustrate what Mule Deer habitat is like is its contour map below. It is of a portion of the aerial photo above. The pond is a good reference point.

Mule Deer

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