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Answering criticism of the aerials:

The image is from Terra Server. It shows the non-foliage time of year. Or, hunting season. Google Earth shows images from full green-up. A big difference when trying to discover movement patterns. Terra Server's more detailed images often make a difference in pre scout planning.

No Video Hunt Expectations

Western Kansas hunting gets much attention in videos and magazines. It is often overrated with expectations that are often disappointed.

This presentation on Association western Kansas hunting is intended to show the best and worst of it. We also encourage any one thinking of a western Kansas hunt to first scout this land before applying for a tag.

Kansas Aerials Answer Some Questions

This aerial is of the best looking habitat in western Kansas. It has yet to produce a tag-on of the biggest trophy whitetail. The largest trophies to date have been off of what is less good looking land from an aerial image perspective.

It is a quarter section. 1/2 x 1/2 mile square, 160 acres. A good piece of it true to anyone's belief of what deer cover should be, woods. This lease holds one hunter at a time.

To balance the aerial above we include this picture of one very good deer spot. The hay bale is the only cover/concealment other than the tall grass in the background. To put an arrow through tall grass is a challenge. The wheat field is this spot's prime food source. Water some distance away.

What It Looks Like On The Ground

Below: this field is interior to the tree line in the aerial above.

Another interior field surrounded by wood line and earth contour isolating it from direct observation from road.

Interior to the wooded drainage. All pictures can show is a bunch of trees.

Traveling Hunter Kansas Deer Hunting Plans

This habitat will most likely requires new hunting tactics. The key is the hunter himself determines his own appropriate hunting style. The ones that change techniques as does the cover and food does for each type of weather condition do the best.

This shows how the statement "Too good to be true" may be appropriate. That is if we were a guide operation. The guide would be expected to know the appropriate deer hunting style and setup for success on this terrain. Without a guide to provide direction, the hunter is left to his own resources. This often creates three basic types of hunter.

Those that have immediate and continuing success.

Those that get very infrequent success.

Those that simply fail to harvest a buck of choice every season.

It is the latter two categories that results in the non-resident hunter to have the highest turnover rate in the Association.

Why Those That Quit Kansas Deer Hunting

This turnover is also not just due to the difficult terrain.

It also due to the non-resident firearms hunter also being a trophy room collector. That once he has a Kansas trophy Whitetail Deer he is off on an elk, sheep or bear hunt to add that animal to his collection.

Nonetheless, the difficulty of some of our habitat certainly does cause a good deal of frustration. What we do to lower that frustration is we provide recommendations of where to hunt.

Hunting Recommendations

Our hunting recommendations are based on several factors.

First, is the regions of Kansas that have a history of trophy deer production. The next is the hunting method of choice (archery, modern gun or muzzleloader).

For the archery deer hunter Kansas can be a tough hunt. The firearms hunter has more success in western Kansas than archery hunters. This is mostly due to the longer range of observation. For the bow hunter we have more bow friendly land elsewhere.

Our recommendations also include our boots on the ground experience with our lease land. That lends to a handful of trophy sightings each year.

We want Association deer hunters to renew each year. We know they will most likely do so after a successful hunt. That is what the recommendations are geared to.

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