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Deer Hunting Lease Example

Shown outlined in yellow are the boundaries of one piece of a larger lease within the agricultural region of Missouri well known for its trophy deer hunting.

These paired aerial and ground level photos of the same private land is intended to take away some of the mystery for those that have not hunted this region. This is part of the reasonable expectations aspect this web site attempts to build in hunters of our deer hunting quality.

Total acreage is 280 outlined in yellow. Land use is considered 55% farming in this region although this particular piece seems to exceed that level.

Key aspect of the eastern half of this one piece is that due to ground contour and tree lines. A good portion of it is isolated from direct observation from the roads. The one impacting farm yard can be seen in the lower left, neighbor's farm to the south of the road.

This picture was taken of the land shown in the aerial above from the east road, south end facing west. Below, later during the hunting season.

A view inside of the center most woods on the aerial.

Second Hunting Lease Example

We often describe the a common central mid-west Whitetail Deer cover habitat as wooded drainage's connecting small wood patches cutting through grain crop fields within agricultural regions. This aerial and ground level picture series is an attempt to illustrate that habitat. A small 60 acre spot good for one hunter.

This aerial is of a wooded drainage well shown by the irregular dark line and small wood lot. This aerial we consider average with wooded drainage's and wood lots larger and smaller than this easily found.

The picture below is of the bulk of the wood lot as seen from the north looking south at #1 on the aerial.

Below, from inside the wood lot looking out to the field marked as #2 on the aerial.

Standing at the bottom of the drainage, in this case a dry drainage, that runs through the aerial.

The intent with these snapshots is just that to take away some of the unknown about our deer habitat, but not intended to be the entire picture.

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