Streams Fishing

Far more of our members fish the farm ponds, watershed lakes and strip pits than streams fishing as that is what they have always fished, they are comfortable with going back to the same places and they catch fish. Fishing these waters is easy as the water is calm, easily accessible and snags far fewer. Still waters allow for more boat use and easier shore fishing that provides many a fine venue to sit back and watch nature. The crappie are generally more concentrated and once found provide more action in a shorter period of time. Bass are larger with the better fight.

With all the advantages of still waters it is little wonder why folks do not want to traverse stream banks, face spider webs, uneven terrain of rock and mud, getting wet and having to use a motor or heavier oar action in their boats. The fish when found are less concentrated, generally smaller with the occasional monster less frequent. The only reason it seems that folks do fish the streams is just because they are there.

If and when some fish streams the value is the variety of fish to be found with several giving pause at identification attempts that even the fish picture book may not be found all that helpful. When a youngster accidentally ties into one of the stream monsters be it gar, carp or cat that spools his reel or breaks the line that fish story will be retold to mom and at school far more enthusiastically than about the number of bass.

Why go streams fishing at all is to try something different for that little bit of adventure of going to a new place with unforeseen possibilities.