Bass Fishing

Missouri bass fishing

Missouri bass fishing. All on private waters.

Missouri pond fishing

Quiet days on the water.

Some days you never know what you may catch. From three ponds over three fishing days. The comments from this fisherman was simply that you just need to get out there and see what happens.

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And, big bass

large mouth bass

bass fishingvia email: Thought I'd send a photo of a 23 inch bass I caught recently from a farm pond that has baffled me for the last couple of years.

I knew it had big bass, but they eluded me on several occasions, so I decided to change my tactics. I always fished from a small boat and noticed the further I threw my lures from the boat the better luck I had catching fish, since the water was so clear.

This time I decided to switch from a white to black spinner bait and quietly work the shallow water from the shore. I caught 4 bass within a short period of time and one felt like a really nice one, so I continued and caught and released this beautiful bass for someone else to have the opportunity to catch in the future.

Fishing is MAHA's best kept secret! Allen G.


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