Bass Fishing

big bassLets put this picture into perspective. The man that caught this fish is 6 foot 2 inches tall. Now compare Andrew's height to that bass!

This is Andrew Nantz, a frequently successful bass fisherman within his hunting and fishing Association.

He wrote via email:

As you know, I have been a member in the Club since 1994.  When I first moved to Kansas City, I had no place to hunt or fish.  I didn't have any hunting buddies or fisherman buddies.  Since then, I probably have more than I can handle. 

My experiences with bird hunting, waterfowl and fishing have been exceptional. (I don't even mention deer and turkey because its given).   Last year, in what was known by everyone to be a "down" year for bird hunting. Quality habitat and the variety of locations in MO, KS, and IA helped my season be as enjoyable and successful as many from the past.

As far as waterfowl goes, my duck hunting has been great.  I really appreciate the quality of the blinds that are built and the variety of good flyway locations.  I have met many hunting buddies from sharing a blind over the years.  In fact, I have been even able to convince some of these guys that there is "other" types of hunting besides waterfowl!

green bassAs you know, I along with some of my MAHA buddies have been avid fisherman on the property for years.  The biggest problem is that I have too many quality places to fish and not enough time to hit them all.  Whether it be a NC MO farm lake or a SE KS strip mine,  I have had consistent success with fishing. It is not uncommon for me and a buddy to pull in 100 bass on a good spring day.  I have put 10 lb fish back and I regularly catch fish in the 3 to 7 lb range. And Crappie, well I can't tell you about that.  All I can say is that there are a number of farm lakes that seem to have an endless supply of slab size crappie.

Anyway, I want to say thanks for your diligence in making sure that members have quality places to hunt and fish.  I don't think people realize how fortunate they are to have such a great gift of land.  All you have to do is talk to someone from another part of the country or even someone locally about their access to hunting and fishing, and you will know how blessed we are to have a club like MAHA.


Andrew takes a buddy fishing to show him how its done.

big basslarge mouth bass

Andrew continues to capture subsequent fishing trips.

Notice no $20,000 bass boats!

bass fishingpond fishingpond boat

Still later in the summer Andrew emails...."They are still biting...and no this is not the same spot or State. Andrew"

bass pond bass boat

The next year Andrew shares his experience with a new fisherman that had some early success with this 5 pound class bass.



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