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youth bass fishingDear John,

Enclosed are a couple of pictures from the recent Youth Weekend prior to the regular Kansas turkey opener.

My fourteen year old Daniel and I went to [location deleted] where we were greeted by lots of pre-dawn gobbling from the moment we entered the property. We set up, and within a half hour after legal shooting time Daniel bagged his first tom Later, he had a great time catching and releasing a number of fine bass. It was just a fantastic day in the field to share with my son.

Daniel also got his first deer this past season also in [location delted]. Unfortunately, the photographs did not come out or I would sent one of those along as well.

bass fishing and turkey hunting

When we first moved to the area, I took my oldest son hunting on public land. We had several less than pleasant experiences, both with the quality of the land and because of the inconsideration of other hunters. What a contrast to our experiences on Mid-America properties. Thank you very much for providing the opportunity for my sons and I to put together such great times and to create such great memories. 

Sincerely, Doug

The original letter:

bass fishing letter

Jon -

I wanted to let you know how the youth hunt went for my two sons, Steven and Daniel, this weekend,in search of that "first buck".

Saturday morning found me in the stand with 13 year old Steven just moments before day light. It wasn't five minutes before a young six point buck appeared on the other side of the field. Steven had his buck when my watch said 1 minute after sunrise! He was so excited, and is already talking about the big one he is going to hold out for next year.

Sunday was Daniel's turn. Daniel has harvested some nice does, but never a buck. This weekend he passed on eight different does, wanting a buck. From nearly the same place a buck emerge to come into the same field. This one was an eight pointer that was content to stay on the other side of the field and eat. When it looked like his grazing my take him further away from us he went broadside and Daniel too had his buck!

bass fishing and deer huntingbass and deer

What a weekend. While neither of these deer will make the record books, they are true trophies indeed to these young hunters and never will be forgotten. Now that the first one is under their belts they know only older, mature bucks will be harvested in the future, and I hope many will follow. But few will be so special. Two boys...two days...two great club! Thanks for everything.



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