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Joe, an admitted non-fisherman does well just going out and having a good time. Joe has done what many before and after him have. He tried all other options for finding good hunting settling on the Association as his last choice. He found it should have been his first choice. A common occurrence for most long time Association hunters and fishermen.

fishing for large mouth bassbass fishing teamThe brothers Falco sent in a bunch of photos and we selected two for the web page. Had we posted all of them it probably would look like a mass kill. What may be interesting to know is that neither of them ever fished this pond before and went there just because they saw water. Every fish they caught was returned to the water.

Then from some others.

We have the farm ponds and watershed lakes ranging from 1 acre to 30. All may be fished any time.

andrew large mouth bass fishing

I thought I'd share a couple pictures of a nice bass that I caught (and released) this past weekend on MAHA waters. The weather was great, it was nice and peaceful and the fish were biting good! Couldn't ask for much more than that! Again, thanks for all that you, Jon and the girls in the office do!
Thanks, Ron


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