Bass Fishing + Keeper Crappie

bass and crappie fishingJon,
Wanted to send a couple photos from a recent fishing trip. With all of the rain, We've only been able to get out a couple of times. Hit several spots and caught a lot of bass between 2 and 3 pounds. Ended the day with 11 crappies, 4 -14" plus. The largest was just under 16".

While we have fishing members out on our waters probably half the weekends during the summer, fishermen are much like waterfowl hunters in they both rarely take cameras. The ones that do appear to have an overabundance of time both fishing and duck hunting. The reality is those that take pictures always take pictures and have for years. That volume of pictures from a few may make it look like only a few actually have as much fun as they do but there are more that have the same breakup to their daily work grind.

Same fishing trip for all three pictures.

largemouth bass

black crappie

While the bed of the truck looks empty, what is missing is the small fiberglass two man pontoon boat used that day that had an electric trolling motor.


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