FishingFishing thousands of water surface acres over ponds, pits and lakes throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Quiet time, easy access, a variety of water to try all spring through summer into fall. Different water, different times all without public water confusion.

This is a case where those who realize that fishing is more than the fish find their peace.

Missouri Fishing

Our association has more strip pits, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams than could ever be fished by our membership. Fishing is available for all who desire a great day or night of fishing. The entire family can enjoy a weekend of outdoor fishing fun. Going fishing with the family is also another excuse for dad to scout out his next whitetail, turkey or waterfowl hunting trip the subsequent fall.

Many of our fishing waters do not require a boat. Several are difficult to get into and better suited for the dedicated fisherman than for a family outing. No fishing boats are available though the association although members are certainly permitted to use their own. Remember safety must always come first and to use personal floatation devices whenever fishing on association waters.

We regulate the fishing areas to prevent over fishing of balanced ecosystems through a reservation system. We also manage our fishing waters with surveys and a game fish stocking program. This management, along with catch and release that our members practice with bass, make a day's fishing enjoyable and a season long, yearly tradition of good fishing.

And, it is Large Mouth Bass Fishing that gets the most attention.

Caught several. These two were something over five pounds.


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