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Hunting Club v. Association

The hunters we screen for are those that understand the satisfaction gained from a good hunt, not the criteria to fill bags and tags. Our hunters hunt with an eye to future hunts rather than as free land hunters that seek to beat the other guy.

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" one hunter with a single short run dog it seems like we are capped off at four coveys a day...had not hunted this area in two years...two coveys were within shotgun range of where they were two years ago...found five other "new" coveys over the day and half hunt...thanks for the land..." BD

Common for self-guided, dedicated to their dog hunters to take one quail per covey to have coveys to hunt throughout years to come. A free land hunter would seek to bag as many as he could knowing if he does not, the next free/public/knock-on-door land access hunter will.

A Hunting club we are not.

When we say we are not a hunting club critics will say we are splitting hairs by describing ourselves as a business rather than the more accepted clubs title. To this we offer a distinction.

Hunting clubs are a side line for those who operate them and often a volunteer duty requirement to sustain the continuation of the group of contributors, not necessarily each club member.

Example would be a group of hunters that lease a paper company's forest lands for their personal hunt use.

Typical forest land requires a great amount of acreage to provide an acceptable level of, in this case, deer hunts. Those that operate the hunting club do so to sustain the club by adding non-decision participants to hunt and help pay for the overall lease and their own personal hunts. Typically these club 'officers' hunt for free using as a trade their administrative/management time as compensation back to the club. This type of hunting club exists for as long as its officers have a willingness to do all the associated work and can outbid other competitors at lease renewal time.

Hunting clubs also have the social connotation that includes personal relationship differences amongst members and to that between the general hunter and those that control the club. These relationships introduce bias towards operation, members and hunts.

More Than The Kill

kansas city hunting clubsThroughout this web site will be found habitat, live wildlife, MAHA work and hunter success pictures. Each is intended to provide a more complete understanding of our organization and our private land hunt quality.

This picture is such an example. It is of a blind on our crop ground that we had just covered with rippy grass and will start pumping water into just before the regular duck seasons.

MAHA operates as a business with a customer service orientation of providing the best do it yourself hunts in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa for the self guided hunter seeking to make his own Mule, Whitetail Deer; Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey; duck and goose; quail and pheasant hunt. All is wild game. A clear objective whereas in hunting clubs their objective may not be well established.

MAHA operating decisions are based to that objective for continuation of the Association through benefit to the Association hunter and at the detriment to any one hunter that seeks hunts other than what our conditions of membership allows for. This simplifies decision making, prevents personal bias and insures parity to all members, all of which is the converse of hunting clubs. Treating all hunters well and making for good hunts brings back the hunter for years to come.

There is more to distinguish Mid-America Hunting Association separate from that of hunting clubs. That distinction is well advertised with member/hunter letters and the concept we repeatedly state specific to each hunt discipline. Continue with the links on any page and those that ascribe to a good hunt ideal will find much satisfaction at developing a relationship with us. proof of this includes the many hunter success pictures throughout this web site. each picture was provided for this web site at the courtesy of that hunter. That should impress all as to the level of cooperative relationship we develop with those that hunt in their Association.

Traveling Deer Hunter Success

Just to let you know we had a great time this year hunting.

My hunt only lasted 15 minutes on opening day (better to be lucky than not I guess), but everyone shot and we were done by Monday morning. We can't wait to get back out for next years hunt.

Hope you all have a good Christmas and a happy New Year.
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