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Enjoy the day alone with your favorite hunting partner. A slough duck hunt during a dry year.

As a do it yourself hunter organization the keep aspect is all may hunt to their own level of enjoyment. Attaining that level of enjoyment does not come without effort, skill, equipment or a do it yourself attitude.

Mid-America Hunting Association since its beginning has been a do it yourself hunter organization that started out as a private lease land hunting club and grew to become a hunting business remaining true to the self guided hunt concept during its entire evolution.

A lot of detail is packed into that one long sentence.

Our definition of the hunter we work with is one that has all his own willpower, equipment and hunting skill necessary for success only requiring a place to employ that wherewithal. To that end we are a hunt execution, not a training, activist, conservationist or social club organization. We further do not allow any type of guided hunts on our leases or allow any other than a member hunt any of our leases (exception of a very limited and highly restricted guest policy).

The business and not a club aspect is that we have an objective approach to quality self guided hunts. No other motivations.

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Dear Maha Staff,
Just sending a short note and photo of how my third year of whitetail hunting as a member of mid-America went. Once again I would like to thank the staff at MAHA for providing wonderful habitat to hunt and their patience and professionalism with the numerous phone calls you receive. This year as with previous years we archery hunted for one week prior to the start of the firearms season. The archery hunting was slow and the weather was a little warm up to the Thursday before the firearms season. That Thursday morning the rut kicked in full bore. There was bucks chasing doe all over that morning, and at one point if I was to get down out of my tree stand I would probably have been ran over, I had seven different bucks under my stand in a span of 15 minutes. Every hunter should be blessed to experience the rut in action like I did that morning. I didn't harvest a buck during the archery season but I surely won't forget this year's hunt. With the rut on I was very excited about the start of the firearms season that Saturday. After a slow morning I harvested a nice 9pt buck chasing a doe at 11:30 am. I purchased an anterless tag so I could hunt with my uncle the rest of the week. The rut slowed down for three days and picked back up on Wednesday with a lot of chasing again. I saw numerous bucks and had a wonderful hunt. Until next year.

Thank you for sharing this year's account and picture. For as far as you two travel we certainly can feel for your hunt. Good luck.

John and Jon,
This is my first year in the club and I have visited [location deleted] 3 times for a total of 5 hunting and days and was fortunate to score on this 160" 12-pointer on the third trip. Conditions were miserable but this big guy decided to make a rub during the midday hours and that was his final mistake. I am extremely happy with the club and the properties leased. I can't wait till next year.

" nine months old he has very good stand off (6-8 feet) on pheasant so as not to pressure them to flight or run. He has had enough quail exposure to identify and dive into target cover. He has become an efficient bird hunter that no longer just runs haphazard around me..."


When we first talk by telephone we will clearly establish our purpose and who we screen for as members. We will cover all the rules for the hunter's primary and secondary hunting discipline. That will accomplish two facets. The first is to insure we both agree what we are so there will not be any surprises later. The second aspect is that we want to insure we can work together.


A key part of our self guided hunts that we offer is that they are all fair chase. The reasonable hunter should agree that fair chase frequently means more failure than success if that success is solely measured by tags and bags. For those that measure success by the opportunity to be on the right habitat within the right region of our Kansas, Missouri and Iowa and to hunt without competition, then we may be able to work together.

We have never simply allocated memberships to all that had the means to pay. We also run a "keep out" list with more than half the names provided by members. It is a matter that we have a good product, we have a high return of members and we seek to keep good that which is.

There is more about our do it yourself hunter approach to paid hunts and for now the points above are those that have earned the most positive feedback.

Other details of our do it yourself hunts right down to nuts and bolts details relevant to each hunting discipline begin on the links below. Otherwise, always feel free to call us 9 to 9 on most days, our telephone number and email link are at the bottom of each page.

Enjoyment of the hunt itself for its memories above all else even on days when they flair.

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