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fair chase hunts

Evening Missouri bucks during late summer feeding on a hay field. We encourage pre-season scouting with the understanding what is seen in summer is always different come November.

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Ducks at dawn. From our marsh wetlands in north central Missouri during early October goose season when the weather is far too nice compared to our December peak migration hunts.

Fair chase hunts defined by Mid-America Hunting Association as providing the private lease land hunting for the do it yourself hunter seeking only 100% wild animals on natural habitat without manmade limits on that wildlife's capabilities.

We limit our management to self guided Mule and Whitetail Deer; Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey; pheasant and Bobwhite Quail and migratory goose and duck hunting. We further limit the geographic region we operate within to Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

We do not enhance the natural habitat save that for wetlands development. Otherwise, we plant no food plot, post no feeder, and propagate no wildlife. The wildlife is 100% natural without any manmade constraints.

We further do not guide or provide any thing more than verbal recommendations of where to hunt based on that hunter's habitat and hunting preference.

The do it yourself hunter must provide his own hunting skills, licensing, equipment, transportation, meals and lodging.

Within each hunt the self guided hunter may hunt his own style on his schedule, as long as he would like and return as often as desired. While all endeavor to fill a tag or bag with the best results of a lifetime the reality of fair chase hunts is far more failure than trophy or daily bag limit success. The true value of our fair chase hunts is the hunt experience itself free from public lands competition and more land to hunt than can be hunted at a no more effort than by making a telephone reservation.

Deer and turkey as seen while on a quail hunt.


The traveling hunter often tells how he sees more on one trip hunting he central mid-west than he sees the entire season in his home state.

Fair Chase Hunters

fair chase hunters

MAHA is an organization that best fits those that seek to enjoy the day in pursuit of their most favored recreational activity of hunting. Anything less and we are not the organization for that hunter.

Fair chase hunts for the average hunter having his own equipment as evident by the often miss matched clothing, worn edges and being a bit dirty than what a guided outfitter provides.
Our fair chase hunts are for the individual do it yourself hunter and we do not provide any opportunity for corporate, client oriented or any other guest type services. We seek the hunter that is serious about the hunt and not the hunt as a means to other ends. That simple statement should be the primary decision criteria for all those considering applying for membership.

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