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MAHA is not a basement, part time, operation. The office building (we own it), while a remodeled house, is a our hunting lease business only location for the benefit of the Association hunters, not a club house.

Family of geese on the front lawn of our office.

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Hunting leases differ and so do those run by MAHA compared to most other options.

A typical hunting lease is where the hunter contracts with a landowner for small acreage for some level of access rights for some specified time. With MAHA, the hunting lease is collectively paid for by the membership and each members gets access to all land, for all game types, for all seasons and pre-season scouting. The hunter is also hunting on his own schedule as often as he wants and do so without competition from others. With each hunter having choice from day to day of where to hunt.

We lease tens of thousands of acres of private land for our exclusive use.

We are looking for hunters that want to hunt with us for years to come rather than just for one season or hunt. To that end we provide the private lease land, our staff as a friendly point of contact to ensure all hunters are in the right area of Kansas, Iowa or Missouri for what they are after and a lodging listing for every county where we have lease land. Long before leaving home every hunter knows exactly where he will hunt and lodge. He drives straight from his home to his reserved ground and does not quit until he wants to.

The difference continues with our lease approach in that there are not any high fences, feeders, food plots or shooting towers. All game is 100% wild, the lease in natural habitat with the MAHA staff conducting all the administration. The hunter needs only to conduct his own self guided hunt.

Hunting Lease Land

private hunting lease land

A hunting lease all comes down to habitat. A good hunting lease is impossible to show in picture or text. All lease land holds golden nugget spots that must be found by foot scooting. We will get the hunter to the right hunting lease with the right habitat for what he is hunting in the right region of Kansas, Iowa or Missouri. Once at that lease the hunter takes on the rest of the hunt.

For MAHA we have been in the land lease business for a long time. While we are friendly to all, there are not any friendships, no special interests and no seniority systems such as appears inherent in a hunting club.

Every members receives the same online map listing all the hunting lease land and has the same reservation system. The MAHA staff earns their living from the membership and that income is secured only through membership renewals. To sustain the Association's high renewal rate requires the staff to treat all equally. Following that we try to provide the best service we can at all times. The many hunter letters on this web site within each hunting discipline section demonstrates this.

The Association owner/operator, partner and secretary are full time employees. One part time employee is our wetlands manager. All, except of our secretary, are hunters of spring turkey, deer, waterfowl and upland birds using our own dogs on our hunting lease land. Our first hand experience on the lease land contracting the leases results in knowledgeable recommendations to the hunter on where to hunt.

We have been in the hunting lease business since 1965. Our lease operation and governing regulations have been tempered and withstood the test of time. Have a read of them as they clearly establish the relationship between the hunter and the Association. We keep our life simple and it is either in the rules or it is not and there is not any discussion.

Continue through the rest of this 500+ page web site to review the hundreds of hunting success photos, letters and other information designed on quick opening pages without any advertising or fancy graphics. All pictures and hunt accounts are from Association hunters on our hunting lease land.

The links below cover more of our self guided private hunting lease land hunts.

MAHA Lease Land Hunter

maha lease land hunterThanks again to the staff at MAHA and a special thanks to John Nee for all of his help and understanding.

The year started in the dead of winter with scouting trips and then great trips to hunt turkeys in several states.

I really enjoy scouting and learning new leases so I spent more time doing that than actually hunting.

Even though I had to hunt and travel alone I was excite about [location deleted] archery season and [location deleted] rifle seasons.

I have attached pictures of my [location deleted] bucks. A couple of does also went in the freezer.

My only regrets are not joining the hunting club 15+ years ago!

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