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Jon and John,
Thanks again for a great season. Here are a few pics of my [location deleted] archery and [location deleted] gun hunts. Weather was bad for both. Eighty degrees in November and Ice Storms in December made for tough hunting.
Thanks, Steve

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Steve travels from the east coast to hunt, not spend time looking for a place to hunt.

Private land hunting is the only kind of land access we offer through Mid-America Hunting Association.

No hunters denies that hunting is and has always been an evolving activity in terms of wildlife densities, locations and equipment. What many hunters are not exposed to is that rural private hunting land has changed as much as gun and bow technology over recent years. The most significant change has been the shift from small acreage farm operations largely owned by one family to that of the corporation farm and corporation landowner that has a prime business outside of farming. This is where Mid-America Hunting Association finds its business niche at providing the average hunter private hunting land access of returning large acreage landholdings back within reach of the average hunter.

The complaint from the "average" hunter is that private hunting land access is limited to the point of denying them the opportunity to hunt. Most want to blame the hunting lease side of the industry without looking at other cause and effects. One impacting cause is that rural landownership shifting from individuals to corporations also makes that land resource more of a business resource and corporations exist to make money from their resources.

As no one would ever make any argument that any private land owner should be directed to do with his land other than what he desires within legal land use regulations and no one should expect corporation landowners to give away a resource they paid for, that has value, for free. A further comparison would be that average hunter that wants free private land hunting access would not consider giving away any valued resource he has to another for free. A simple test of this theory would be how many middle class income fathers would extend the use of the family car to a low income single parent wanting to travel to work a second job on the weekends? The relationship is the same between the car owner and the single parent as it is between the landowner and hunter, they do not know each other, one wants a valued resource the other one has with both groups having what our today's society states is an unreasonable expectation of success.

Within this issue enters Mid-America Hunting Association that has the collective purchasing power, liability coverage and a business entity of long standing reputation to effectively communicate with organizational structure and controls, and most importantly, 365/day/year direct accountability to the corporation landowner. This then becomes a business to business relationship where each party benefits with expectations of value trading, cash for private land hunting access. This is the nature of the large acreage hunting land business. A corporation is far more likely to work with another business than an individual of good intentions.

The value to the "average" hunter is that Mid-America Hunting Association brings these large acreage landholdings back within the reach of the average hunter. That is the average hunter that can avoid the hypocrisy attitude that is rampant amongst the hunting segment of our society.

Hunter hypocrisy is that the average hunter will spend thousands of dollars on guns, scopes, calls, dogs, kennels, deer stands, clothing, bows, blinds, decoys, etc., while at the same time stating that purchasing private hunting land for their own use is too expensive and leasing land results in too little acreage per hunter. That same hunter will also fail to recognize the annual fee charged per member to hunt land leased by Mid-America Hunting Association to be less than what he would spend by traveling around and knocking of doors trying to locate the small farmer still willing to allow free private land hunting access.

When examining all the options that exist for hunters to access private hunting land the value Mid-America Hunting Association provides the average hunter is that the large corporation landholders acreage is collectively leased by the Association and its hunters with each hunter having access to any of it. And, that access is without the need of knocking on doors, working out any contractual relationship, providing any liability coverage or instituting controls. The Association finds the landowner, conducts all administration and the hunter is left simply to hunt. After all, hunting is what is the end state objective of those seeking private land hunting access. The hang up will remain those hunters that refuse to change their personal conduct relative to the changes occurring in the world.

Private Hunting Land Results

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Here are a couple pictures. The first one is opening weekend in [location deleted] and the second one was last weekend in [location deleted].
Take care, Bryan

private land hunting lease

Bryan travels in from Colorado, hunts only western Kansas, has access to 100,000's of public land acres and chose to pay to hunt private land. And is nice enough to send in his hunt pictures. That is definitely the type of relationship we want to build with all Association hunters.

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