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A letter to all women from the Association owner's wife.

My name is Kim Nee, wife of Jon Nee, owner of the Association. I've been an outdoorswomen since the beginning of our marriage and would encourage every one of you ladies out there to participate in the outdoors and the sport of hunting and fishing. I could literally write a book about all the wonderful experiences I've had over the past twenty years exploring the land and hunting on the leased properties we all have access to. Aside from the actual hunt, there are so many aspects of the sport that become great memories. It starts with taking off a day or two from work and leaving the phone and laundry at home. A cozy hotel in a remote favorite small town is as good as the hot, homemade cafe breakfast or dinner that you don't have to cook. A couple of nights away from our busy schedules give you quality time with your spouse to get reacquainted. It also gives you a nice break from your kids who are at home and glad your gone anyway. (At least for a night).

The time in the outdoors itself is so much fun! The spring and fall weather is so enjoyable. The cold winter outings can be tough, but the woods are so beautiful, it's worth the suffering, which occurs at times. The air and sky are so refreshing just to be in. One of my hobbies is to collect recipe books from the towns we hunt in, or at least close by. Finding different ways to cook the game in general is an ongoing search for those of us that like to cook. There is usually always time to do a little fishing on the same piece of property that we are hunting, or if I get bored I like to read a magazine and just sit in the sun and relax. If it weren't for my husbands knowledge of the terrain or scouting efforts, I am not sure I would have had such good success over the years, but success comes with teamwork.

For all women who are considering becoming part of our Association I truly believe you would absolutely love the beauty of the land and the benefits that come with exploring these farms. Whether you hunt with your husband, children or yourself, you will find great enjoyment with the use of our facilities.

Maybe I really should start on the book. There are so many stories I have not told you yet, but I am out of time and room on this letter, so maybe later!

Good Hunting!

Kim Nee

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