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Kansas, Missouri, Iowa

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51 years in businessMid-America Hunting Association is a self guided private land foot hunter organization.

Tens of thousands of acres of land.

Operating in Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

Not a canned hunt. Fair chase only. No fence. Compliance to all state and federal regulations.

No knocking on doors or tracking down landowners. Make an online or telephone reservation and hunt.

Hunters may hunt their choice of season in any of the three states. Each day they have to hunt they will have a choice of spots. Costs start at $1,550. See all cost details.

We get hunters to the point of where to park their truck, step out and hunt. From there hunters make the rest of it. Lodging is by local motel. Listing provided.

Self guided deer huntingDeer Hunting

Each hunter may scout out his own spots. Hang his own stand. Choose from day to day where to hunt. A chance to cover ground to find a buck of choice rather than pick a spot and hope it works out.

Kansas deer management units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16. Go Kansas deer hunting?

Iowa zones 4 or 5. South Iowa deer hunting?

Missouri state wide tag with our land in north and far west central. Missouri 4 point rule?

See Deer Hunting?

self guided pheasant huntingPheasant Hunting

Wild pheasants only over native grass, filter strips and other. No drive hunts. For those that want to hunt their own dogs free from others.

Kansas offers the most tall grass hunting in NW and SC regions. Kansas pheasant hunting?

Iowa offers a mixed bag with quail. Iowa pheasant hunting?

Go to Pheasant Hunting?

wild bobwhite quail huntingQuail Hunting

More miles of edge cover along grain fields than any hunter will be able to walk. Much eyes on dog enjoyment.

Kansas offers more open ground mixed cover hunts. Kansas quail?

Missouri has the most edge cover. Missouri quail only hunt?

Iowa offers the smallest fields. Iowa quail and pheasant?

Self guided quail hunting in general?

Turkey HuntingTurkey Hunting

Rio Grande and Eastern Turkey spring and fall season. Set up on one or several flocks.

Iowa zone 4. Iowa?

Kansas two spring, four fall tags, over the counter. Rios and Easterns. All day hunt. Kansas Turkey hunt?

Missouri overlapping season with Kansas and Iowa, two tags. Missouri?

Turkey hunt overview?

duck huntingGoose and Duck Hunting

Private enhanced natural wetlands, blinds, wade-in spots. Go to where the ducks are. No one is limited to just one blind.

Missouri duck hunting is our best over a variety of water. Missouri duck hunting?

Kansas is for pond and field sets. Kansas waterfowl?

Waterfowl - all the details?


Bass, crappie, catfish. All on private waters.



Since 1965. We seek to have fewer hunters, more land per hunter with improved habitat quality. Each piece of land has been surveyed by one of the two Association partners, Jon Nee or John Wenzel, in most cases more than once.

We provide the private land access, recommendations where to hunt and a local lodging listing. The hunter supplies his own skill and equipment.

How it works is that if we allocate a membership that hunter gains access to an online map library of all lease land. All land is identified by number. Hunters would then receive recommendations of where to hunt for what he is after. That hunter would then scout or hunt those spots and encouraged to scout further. Most hunters after their third season have covered sufficient ground and found more spots they like better they are not likely to be hunting their first year farms. That is when the golden nugget spots become more visible and eyes-on success rate increase.

Each hunter may plan to return to hunt the same land from year to year. He may also enjoy the added adventure of exploring new spots.

One flat rate without hidden costs.

The next step is to review the hunting interest of choice:








Cover Live Pics Hunter Pics Hunter Pics Wetlands Canada Bass
Hunter Pics Spring Expectations Edge Blinds Field Crappie
Lease Fall Conditions Quality Self Guided Late Catfish
Scouting Scouting Hunts Wild Quail Versatile Dog Snow  
Food Plots Iowa Iowa Iowa Reservations Kansas  
Iowa Kansas Kansas Kansas   Missouri  
Kansas Missouri Missouri Missouri      

Or, by state:

Mule Deer Hunting Lease Duck
Archery Hunting Hunting
Firearms Pheasant Hunting Lease
Deer Lease Quail Pheasant
Units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 Turkey Quail
Muzzleloader Deer Lease Turkey
Duck Archery Canada Goose
Hunting Lease Muzzleloader Field Goose
Hunting Shotgun Goose
Pheasant Zone 4 Late Season
Quail Zone 5 Snow Goose
Rio Grande Turkey   Archery
Turkey   Firearms
Goose   Muzzleloader

After all that have a think on it. After a day, if you wake up the next morning, give us a call to discuss your plans. We take calls day and evening most days of the week.Mid-America Hunting Association

913 773 8110

This web site is made possible by the courtesy of the Association's great hunters. Thank you to all.

Hunter feedback pictured below.

July 16

Sending a couple pics of some success we finally we're able to achieve. Been a tough hunt so far but it's getting better. Thanks!! Aaron

Opening Week

Nothing new here. The following is information collected on previous years of good upland bird numbers when new to our area folks experience their first hunt. Just reminders to those who have one set of experiences in one part of this country they may not apply to our locality/conditions.

There will always be those who believe there is no other time during the season to hunt other than opening week. That is ok. We will not attempt to talk anyone out of it. Likewise, we can tell the complaints. Complaints are a staple of opening week hunters.

The first complaint will be weather. Warm to hot. The next will be standing crops.

Do not hunt standing crops.

Hot weather is to be counted on. For first time central mid-west hunters we encourage all to have 2 quarts of water in the field for each dog, for each hour of a hunt. An ice chest big enough to hold/cool off a dog, a pond will never be close enough in an emergency. Check his food being fed during hunts, avoid salt as a significant ingredient. Feeding salty food during the day or at the end of it will make a raging bladder come mid-night, a dog who urinates in his box. Feed a small amount of food to dogs each time returning to the truck. Bury that food in a quart of water. Dogs will drink though the water to get to the food. A method to get dogs to drink when they are not thirsty. Do not feed dry dog food at all. Dry dog food will suck up any available internal water the dog may have.

Seasoned and local hunters who hunt opening weeks do so as short duration just to get out hunts. Not seriously after birds. Locals hunt hardest from December onwards to season close.

Who sends in the most pictures are mid to late season hunters. Not just because they get more. But due to taking a more relaxed hunt. They also have near zero complainants and many compliments compared to opening week folks.

We do not pretend the above will prevent all dog heat fatigue/stroke injuries or fatalities. We will hear of some. It is when it happens some of these folks seek to place blame on other than themselves with it sometimes being "we should have told them". We are a self-guided hunter organization. It is the hunter who is responsible for his own safety.

July 25

Below are 2 potential new NC Kansas farms for the Association.

hunting land

hunting land 2


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