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Iowa hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is for pheasant, bobwhite quail, turkey and whitetail deer hunts in south central Iowa.

2017 Iowa Hunting Land

Iowa hunting lease land 2017

Our land is 100% private that we lease for exclusive membership access suitable for the deer, upland bird dog and turkey calling sportsman that wants the opportunity to hunt his way, on his own at his own pace.

We provide the private leases for our exclusive do it yourself hunter use, a local lodging listing and recommendations where to hunt for the new member. After that the self guided hunter hunts on his own.

Iowa Deer

Our Iowa deer hunting lease land is in deer zones 4 and 5. Whitetail Deer seem to take second place to pheasant in popular hunter demand in spot of national recognition for Iowa's pheasant hunting.

Iowa's archery season during peak rut and before the gun season paralleling Kansas. Those that successfully tag out may cross into Missouri buy an over the counter tag and continue their deer hunt.

Muzzleloader hunters will also like the late season that extends into January making for a hunt outside of rut motivated behavior.

Iowa Turkey

Iowa turkey hunting is after success at a competitive tag draw. We lease land in Iowa turkey hunting zone 4.

The Iowa turkey tag draw keeps the number of turkey hunters low and we have not had more than a handful in one spring. This is also due to Kansas and Missouri having two tags each available over the counter purchase, a longer spring season and a whole lot more birds.

Upland Birds

Wild Iowa pheasants with overlapping quail range that allows for an earlier season start in October compared to Kansas and Missouri.

Start the season Iowa pheasant hunting and finish up in late January in Kansas covering a wide rage of pheasant habitat with the brush filled drains between grain fields allowing for much open sky shooting.

Wild Iowa Bobwhite Quail hunts, a relative unknown, is limited to the southern regions and our approach to lease land do it yourself hunts allows the wild quail hunter the chance to hunt on his own, his own style with his own bird dogs.

Hunt a different farm each time stepping from the truck. Both coveys and singles after the flush can provide an entire day's action for those with the right dog power.

Not every day is a limit day.

Do It Yourself Iowa Hunts

For those that truly want to hunt, our approach to private land self guided Iowa hunts is the next best action to that of owning the land. However, with our operation any one hunter is not limited to just one Iowa farm. He may hunt as many as he has time to hunt.

MAHA provides the chance to access tens of thousands of acres of private land in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Whether it be for deer, turkey or upland birds, what hunters experience in one state is simply doubled by crossing state lines.

Also, if ducks are the interest, than our Missouri wetlands are a short drive to enhanced water level controlled wetlands and waterfowl hunts in the central mid-west.

Iowa hunting land without having to knock on doors or compete with public lands hunter mentality. With a telephone reservation the hunter leaves his home and travels directly to his spot and hunts.

Turkey Pheasant Quail Lease

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Spend your time hunting rather than hunting for a place to hunt.

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