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2017 Iowa Hunting Lease Land

One point of confidence we offer good self guided hunts is that we do not operate a lodge. therefore we are not limited tot he easy driving distance around that lodge to lease land. That allows us to make the entire state available to us where to lease land that gains the best return for the Association hunters insuring their return for years of hunts to come.

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Both the Missouri and Mississippi Watersheds have long and wide flat running valleys that have had much agricultural devolvement and channeling of waterways to maximize tillable farm land. That limits wildlife areas. The Grand River Watershed, or the upper reaches of it that comes up north out of Missouri into southern Iowa has more dry than wet drainage's, is on rolling terrain and cuts through the farm fields. Within this watershed of intermittent streams are more wooded drainage's and wood patches or less tillable acreage making for more wildlife areas.

Iowa hunting lease land in Mid-America Hunting Association is in south central Iowa within the Grand River Watershed of 45-55% agricultural land use composed of wooded and brushed in wet and dry drainage's cutting through crop fields connecting many small wood patches.

Our Iowa hunting lease land is in close proximity of our northern Missouri hunting lease land making a combination southern Iowa and northern Missouri hunt on the same trip easily accomplished.

Not all of the southern Iowa State region has the same topography or the same value from a hunter perspective. Consider the southern two to three tier counties from west to east. In the far west is the Missouri River Valley, most of the center is in the Grand River Watershed, and the eastern counties within the Upper Mississippi River Valley. Valley and watershed are the distinguishing terms and topography of the greatest concern to the hunter in terms of habitat quality.

Both the Missouri and Mississippi River Valleys have broad expanses of large flat crop fields very efficiently farmed with tractors and implements capable of 40 acres/hour. That is about as big as farming gets. The local tributaries have long ago been formed into cannel's and irrigation marks more the wealth of these two farming regions than any other indicator. The end result is far less wildlife or as farmers describe it waste land.

The Grand River Watershed on the other hand is not a river valley. The Grand River Watershed rising up from central Missouri north into southern Iowa is composed of many wet and far more dry drainage's heavily timbered and connect large and small stands of timber. These creeks cut through the large gain crop fields Iowa is known for making the ideal combination of cover and food sources repeated many times over within relatively small areas. That combination of food and cover is what we lease Iowa hunting land for, the right habitat within the right region of Iowa that has a history of production.

Good Iowa Hunting Lease Land Comes Down to Habitat

iowa hunting leaseIowa hunting lease land and the Corporate Farm brings together the buying power of Mid-America Hunting Association. This land is part of a corporate investment group that buys, holds and sells land. The benefit is that we have the financial wherewithal to lease their large acreage, they do not farm the land and seek our partnership to manage the hunter access. The consequence, and there is always one for every benefit, is the land may sell throughout the year, not all of it at once, typically a piece at a time similar to how acreage is added throughout the year as well. On that point, all will come to find that we never oversell our organization. Life is not perfect and we will never say we are the best option for every hunter. What the Association provides is hunter access to this land that otherwise goes unhunted due tot he corporation first not having a door to knock on to seek hunting permission and second corporations refuse to deal with individual hunters.

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Iowa deer tag prices and limited draw success has resulted in the Association's Iowa lease land holdings to be the lowest of our three state region. With the majority of the Association deer hunters being non-Iowa residents further limits just how much land the Association can lease. We manage that balance between hunting lease costs and hunter numbers compared to habitat acreage, not gross lease acreage. That insures all that hunt Iowa have more than a couple of choices from day to day of where they may want to hunt.

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