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This is not our opening pheasant hunting page. For Iowa pheasant hunting plus what we have in Kansas along with our quail hunting have a look at this page.

Iowa pheasant hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is in southern Iowa. Near Bedford, Leon, Corydon. It has overlapping pheasant with quail populations on private land.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

For those who first enjoy their dogs.

No gang hunting.

No piles of dead released birds.

Good field days for hunters who have their own dogs.

Wild Iowa pheasants only.

During Iowa's regulated season.

Background To Where We Are Today

Iowa pheasant hunting is well known to upland bird hunters. Deservedly so in spite of recent laminations by magazine article writers about reduction of tall grass CRP land. What many must be reminded of is there was good Iowa pheasant hunting before there was CRP.

At this point another set of pundits say before CRP, previous farming practices left more wildlife areas. Less efficient farming practices was what made Iowa pheasant hunting what it was before CRP. Undoubtedly so we must agree. However, in spite of bulldozer land clearing another impact has been large corporation farms, especially within hog production. Confinement farming practices with a secondary effect of enhancing upland bird habitat.

2017 Iowa Pheasant Hunting Land Location

Iowa hunting leaseOur Iowa pheasant hunting land is over agricultural land left fallow, brushed in drainage's and other than farming wildlife areas.

Iowa is for those upland bird hunters seeking more Bobwhite Quail than pheasants. For a better pheasant hunt our Kansas tall grass land holds more pheasants.

For those that like to hunt predominately quail will find our Iowa hunting land well covered in crop edge covey holding cover as well as an occasional pheasant.

Iowa Corporate Farm Payback To Hunters

Iowa corporate hog farm focuses its effort on hog production in the form of interior to a barn hog rearing. With large grain crop fields providing feed. These corporations do not forage their cut crops with cattle. They do not expend fuel or machine hours on fall crop stubble plowing. Both of these practices enhance pheasant populations.

These same Iowa corporate hog farms do not hay lesser crop land. They do not graze waterways. All leaving cover further enhancing Iowa's pheasant hunting.

This corporate farm is a specialist farm. Unlike small farmers that diversifies to use every possible land resource he may have. Such diversification is often at expense of pheasant habitat.

Private Land Iowa Hunt

Not every day is a limit day.

Wild pheasant only on natural terrain. No feeders, no pen-raised/release birds. Each one will be earned by the hunter and dog.

Self guided hunts

What MAHA Brings To Iowa

Now enter MAHA into this equation towards land lease paid do it yourself Iowa hunts. MAHA brings to corporate farm operations that which inhibits average Iowa pheasant hunter's access to what is now prime wild pheasant habitat.

MAHA assumes responsibility for self guided pheasant hunter land access. Freeing corporations from being annoyed (actual words used by a corporate owner) by pheasant hunters entering sanitized hog operating areas distracting employees with requests to hunt. These requests were routinely denied.

Upland bird hunt

Average work-a-day hunters with their family pet.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting Continued.


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