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Iowa Quail hunting is for those wild quail hunters that prefer crop edge habitat and less pheasants.

Foot hunting. Wild quail only. Private farm land.

No specialized equipment or Orvis type hunters. Just those that enjoy their dogs. One price for the hunter's choice of the season for as many days as he wants to hunt.

2017 Iowa Bobwhite Quail hunting land.

Our Iowa quail hunting is a bonus for those quail hunters from the northern and eastern states seeking a shorter ride for wild quail hunting stopping off in Iowa on their way farther west for more Kansas pheasants or south into Missouri for quail only hunts.

The shorter drive makes Iowa all the more attractive as a stop over place or as a break while on the way to Kansas or Missouri. Comparatively the hunter will be well pleased with the easy to walk fields and more frequent blue sky shooting as well.

A self guided hunt made possible by maps and talking to us.

Mixed Bag Hunt

While the flushing and retriever hunters pass on quail in favor of the pheasant, the pointing bird dog hunters enjoy a full day of both. Those with the bird dog power to cast along the miles of drains for quail as well as the point stand off required for pheasant will find these 100% wild birds a great hunt superior to any planted bird plantation or club.

The chance to work a single dog on both wild pheasant and quail while on the same hunt, the same day on the same habitat as well as every day of the hunt will make it more enjoyable to continue the hunt until both bags are achieved or the day ends.

Our Iowa quail hunts while a surprise to some has rivaled that of Missouri in some years. And as weather environmental limiting factors change, our Iowa region allows for good or bad year flexibility of where to hunt.

Average work-a-day hunters of their family pet. What can be packed into a truck. More land to hunt each day than daylight.

Split Season

Iowa has a split ending for its upland bird season ending the pheasant season in early January when its seasonal upland bird license expires while allowing quail hunts until January 31. What occurs is that most do not hunt the quail only middle to late January period.

This time period, in our most northern of the three states of leases, typically allows for colder dog friendly weather and plenty of tree covered drainage's to block any wind making for a higher probability of better hunting conditions. This may be contrasted to the big open of Kansas even with its greater abundance of pheasants and greater probability of higher wind speeds. And, very few hunters hunt during this period as most by this point of the three month season have walked and hunted plenty and their hunt intensity has waned. An additional motivational degradation is the psychological block of having to buy another license at the season's end even though it is good for the subsequent fall as well.

For those that truly want to chase bobwhites and do so when seeing another hunter is at its least probability this 20+/- day period is the time to be hunting.

Good days happen. Never as often as wanted. These two hunters did well, but not a bag limit.

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