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This article assumes the reader started at our turkey hunting home page and understands the kind of self guided turkey hunts we offer. If not a read of the turkey hunting home page will fill in that unknown.

Iowa turkey hunting is in non-resident turkey hunting zone 4 in south central Iowa.

Each self guided turkey hunter may scout and turkey hunt as many farms as he has time available to hunt.

One more wild turkey hunting option of another choice of time and location the MAHA turkey hunter has that allows for more field time or easier vacation day scheduling.

Comparing to a guide service the hunter must fit into that guide's available schedule and is limited to the hunt in that one time slot within that one locality. With our approach the hunter decides when to hunt compliant with state turkey season regulations.

Iowa turkey hunting

Average work-a-day hunters that hunt on their own. No one to judge skill or technique except the hunter to himself.

Another comparison are the hunter's that hunt their own land that they either own or have as a lease. In this case the hunt is to the same location each time out. In our case we add the adventure of making a do it yourself hunt and exploring new ground. No one hunter is limited to just one spot.

We have the abundant acreage, plenty of birds and very limited hunter pressure. The exact combination required for that hunter to be successful.

2017 Iowa Turkey Hunting Land Acreage

Hunters may spring turkey hunt, deer scout and fall deer hunt the same collection of farms.






The turkey hunter may hunt at anytime during the season as often as he would like - more flexibility. That same hunter may also hunt any of our tens of thousands of acres spread across the three states where we lease land - more flexibility. That same hunter may also hunt Eastern as well as Rio Grande flocks. That same hunter may also fall season hunt as well as deer, upland and waterfowl hunt the entire year all for one cost. And, those hunts continue to be on the land of the hunter’s choice and when he chooses to hunt. That is flexibility.

Wild turkey only. No one except the hunter does his scouting to find the flocks. No feeders posted to a timer to bring them in.

Foot scouting, hunting only.

No guests. Only those that have paid for private land access will access that land.

No camping. We keep all land as un-pressured as possible at all times.

Spring deer scouting during spring turkey season limited to other than prime turkey spots. The prime turkey spots are for turkey hunting only during the spring season.

Start with our self guided Iowa turkey and expand across state lines to fill the entire spring season with every available day of time in the field both Iowa turkey hunting as well as setting yourself up for a lifetime of spring and fall hunting in Kansas and Missouri. All hunts are on private hunting lease land.

All get to enjoy the day without public land annoyance of others walking in on the hunt.

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