January 11, 2021 Update


Attached is my sixth big mature buck taken on your properties over the last five years.  During that period I have also filled my freezer with an average of two does and two turkeys per year,  I know of nowhere else this could be accomplished for the price we pay.

Thanks so much for providing me all these great hunting opportunities.  


Guest Policy Reminder

10. Guests. Guests are permitted on a restricted basis.

(3) Upland Bird Guests are only permitted from the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend through January 15.


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January 20, 2021 Update

Upland Bird Field shots shared by one of our members. Nothing more colorful than a rooster pheasant on a blue bird day. Thanks for the

January 18, 2021 Update

Deer First year member Ken with a nice buck from the 2020 season. Hopefully, this is the first of many with the Association!

January, 15, 2021 Update

Duck Hunting The last 4 days of the Middle Zone duck season a good push of ducks came through and found some of our food

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