July 21, 2021 Update


Hey Jon…my season was good but my wife had a much better one.  I saw plenty of deer but very few older, mature bucks, mainly youngsters, does, and yearlings.  I also observed a disappointing number of other varmints and critters which was a dramatic change from past years.  It was still a very enjoyable season however.  My wife recently started a new active-duty gig and struggled to find much time for the woods but did manage several hunts.  Two resulted in filled tags – one in taking a weird racked older buck with her bow and the other a mature doe with her rifle.  Considering the precious little time she had available to hunt, it was a very good season for her.  I spent quite a bit more time sitting a tree stand and had ample opportunities to take deer with both bow and firearm but was content to watch and wait.  I ended up with a handful of unused tags but that no longer bothers me…my wife keeps our freezer full.  I did spend one morning on a new property and I always enjoy experiencing new ground.  Saw a good number of deer and an encouraging number of turkeys so that was pretty exciting.  We appreciate the opportunities the club provides and the quality properties to hunt!  Looking forward to spring!



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