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Kansas duck hunting within Mid-America Hunting Association is less than our Missouri waterfowl hunts.

Duck Hunter Feedback

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Photos from a productive pond duck hunt that was discovered while Scouting for deer and turkey. Opening weekend in Missouri we saw a lot of ducks and enjoyed a lot of shooting. This weekend was fantastic. Two days hunting yielded limits of ducks for the three of us. Your management of the properties of this club keep it an outstanding organization that offer quality opportunities to its members. Thanks a lot for all you and your staff do.
Mark, Sam and Steve

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Have a look at our Missouri wetlands waterfowl hunts.

The Association does not maintain any managed wetlands in Kansas and most that waterfowl hunt the Association Kansas lands do so from farm ponds and field sets. However, when it comes to waterfowl even our Missouri farm ponds seem to outperform that of Kansas.

The most widely stated comments about Kansas pond duck hunting is the duck hunt is the day before driving around and scouting. Ducks using ponds will do so for long periods of time making the next day more of a duck shoot than a hunt.

We have also heard from some of the more season long duck hunters that ducks seen on ponds are in the hundreds rather than the thousands as on our Missouri wetlands. These duck also seem more willing to be worked with call and decoy.

Within Mid-America Hunting Association we do not manage pond duck hunts in the same manner as our wetlands. In the case of the ponds the hunter would reserve a "unit" of land that may have several ponds for two days. The first day is to scout and the second day is for the hunt.

We do not post blinds on the pond and they typically have deep water requiring dog or small boat light weight enough to be hand dragged from truck at road to the pond.

Kansas Pond Duck Hunt

kansas ducks

Early season ducks over a Kansas farm pond. What we call farm ponds out this way traveling hunters from suburban areas have called lakes when calling in their reservations. Typically a farm pond is under a couple acres in surface water. lakes out on Association land are Watershed Lakes and range up to 30 acres in surface water with most around 10 or so.

Kansas duck hunting on ponds and crop fields are likely to become a goose hunt.

The key to a successful Kansas duck hunting day is to first spend time scouting. There are more ponds and small lakes on Association property than we will take time to map. The online aerial photos of every one of our private land leases is a first step. Next watch migratory reports and weather. Then road scout. Once finding where the ducks are working make a reservation for that spot then hunt. Usually a pond/lake will hold ducks for a couple of days. if being smart and not push them too hard.

All Association enhanced wetlands and select ponds and lakes we have made arraignments for off-road vehicle access. However, notification of intent to use off-road vehicles is required before any waterfowl hunt. Not all spots allow vehicles. Do not be caught wrong. Also, use your head. If muddy and gong to leave ruts do not travel on the land. More than a couple of members have purchased loads of gravel or paid tractor fuel stipends to clean us after themselves. Self guided never has meant being stupid.

Duck Blinds

Field Duck Hunting

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