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Kansas hunting offers the most diversity of wildlife and habitat of our three state region offering Mule and Whitetail Deer; Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey; wild pheasant and quail. While lacking in waterfowl wetlands compared to Missouri, Kansas does offer plenty of field set opportunity to attract waterfowl that consolidate around what water that is available.

2017 Kansas Hunting Land
Available Through Mid-America Hunting Association

What is listed is the county name and acreage we have for hunting in that county.

Our Kansas hunting land is 100% private land we lease for our exclusive use within regions of kansas that have the production we seek to insure hunter return for years to come.

Within each of our Kansas hunting web site sections there will be a habitat review including aerial and ground pictures designed to take away some of the mystery of what is to be expected. While we will do as good of a job as possible to get all acclimated to our self guided Kansas hunts there will always remain the adventure of going some place new. We make that adventure a better experience.

Kansas Deer

Kansas deer hunting over multiple farms across multiple firearms and archery deer management units.

The advantage we bring to the Kansas hunter is boots on the ground experience with every Kansas hunting lease we operate. That translates to the hunter having confidence he will be in the right Kansas region with a history of trophy deer harvest. For example a Kansas archery hunter will find what is frequently called bow huntable ground in some parts Kansas and in other Kansas deer hunting regions individual trees are landmarks and these areas are best suited for the rifle hunter. The Kansas muzzleloader hunter will have a separate September, pre rut season all to himself.

Kansas Mule Deer hunting over the western half of Kansas and like the Rio Grande Turkey are very habitat specific.

Mule Deer tags are by competitive draw and they are limited in number. Those that successfully draw a tag will have a grand opportunity to hunt some very nice Mule Deer in a state not well known for them. In this regard Kansas offers yet one more hunt opportunity and all for the same membership cost.

Tough tag for non-resident hunters to draw and a very good "flat land" Mule Deer hunt more enjoyable compared to those that have desert and mountain Mule Deer hunted.

To Kansas deer hunting?

Kansas Turkey

Kansas turkey hunting is for both the Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey.

Rio Grande Turkey for this very habitat specific turkey our habitat is good to the point most fill the two spring over-the-counter tags as fast as within one day during the Kansas six week season. The Kansas season also overlaps that of Iowa and Missouri making a multi state single trip easily done.

On the same trip, a hunter may pursue Kansas Rio Grande Turkey and Kansas Eastern Turkey as well, making Kansas two species turkey hunts unique to many hunters. The adventure continues through hunting both the open lands occupied by Rio Grande's and exploring different deer habitat as well.

Kansas Eastern Turkey is in the eastern portion of Kansas. While even the "wooded" regions of kansas may appeal tot he turkey hunter the open crop lands necessitate the setup and call/decoy hunter covering large grain fields and wooded creek bottom. The big woods run and gun turkey hunter will be sorely out of place on this crop ground.

Within our agricultural Kansas turkey hunting region the true art of calling in toms shows skill level differences between those that can call a tom off a hen or rely on hen less toms to come in. All will find our turkey hunts a good time with much eyes on strutting toms.

Kansas turkey hunting information?

Kansas Upland Bird

Kansas upland bird hunting is for both wild pheasant and Bobwhite Quail.

Kansas pheasant may be hunted over a range of habitat that includes the tall prairie grass, brush draws and crop fields. Hunters employ their own dogs and apply their own pheasant hunting style.

What the Kansas pheasant and quail hunter both will appreciate is the ability to step out of their truck onto a different field every time they do, every day on every hunting trip and never cross their tracks

Kansas upland bird hunters will also enjoy not mixing their dogs with others while watching theirs work on fields typically larger than encountered elsewhere.

Kansas Bobwhite Quail cover much of the same area as our pheasant and offer the chance unique to the central mid-west to hunt both quail and pheasant on the same hunt, if not the same day.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of our Kansas quail hunting is that like all our upland bird hunts they are 100% wild birds on existing Kansas habitat.

Kansas pheasant hunting.

Kansas quail hunting.

Upland birds in general.

Self Guided Kansas Hunts

We cater to the do it yourself hunter seeking to make his own self guided hunt.

We provide the private Kansas land acreage at no further cost of time or money to the hunter beyond that of his membership cost. We offer recommendations to the first year hunter of where to conduct his self guided hunt for what he is after. We then complete the planning package with a lodging listing of what hunter services are available within each county where we lease land.


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