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Kansas hunting lease land access through Mid-America Hunting Association brings with it advantages over private hunting lease land:

More Kansas land access of multiple hunting spots and state regions than compared to having all eggs in one basket on a small acreage hunting lease.

Collective buying power gains access to large corporate farm land.

Hunters simply hunt without need for contracts, landowner insurance coverage and enforcing contract clauses.

Kansas hunting lease comparison using two decision criteria as a basis of analysis of frequency of use and hunting discipline any other options to leasing land will be reviewed with illustrative example as a sampling and not meant as a comprehensive effort. We offer these examples up only as food for thought.


Average guys knowing that paying for land access saves time for scouting and hunting. A lot better use of time than trying to track down a hunting lease.

Kansas Walk-in Private Land

Kansas State offers private land to public lease of contractual access for hunting use during specified times of the year for specific wildlife species.

This system that turns private land into public hunting land has much advantage over other state public lands that are open to hunting. These advantage are largely limited to those that access walk-in land are overwhelmingly there to hunt and do so only during the hunting season. That one facet alone makes this a preferred option over the public lands that do seem to get a very good amount of year round human pressure from hunters and other than hunters.

The deer drive hunter benefits the most from the walk-in program.

Deer drives can easily access different road sides of the property dropping off those on stand and those on drive. As all access is unlimited, drive deer hunters can walk as many properties as they have daylight hours and transportation time to cover. With a little preseason scouting the better deer walk-in farms will be identified and with good shooting a number of fair quality racked bucks can be taken and probably a greater number wounded.

Such hunts as drive deer hunts leave each property good for one hunt per group probably at a frequency of every other day or so. This makes this land a good choice for the one weekend a year rifle deer hunter.


Hunt the buck of choice. Find him by hunting several spots. A lot better than just having one spot.

Kansas Public Land

There are several hunting land options in this category not often considered and located widely around Kansas. We will examine one type in the form of Corps of Engineer land.

Kansas Corps Of Engineer land exists far more than what may be advertised. An example involves Kansas' extensive river systems or that land between levee to river easily accessed at bridge crossings, which is also public not private land available for general access hunting.

Any person may access these Kansas lands for hunting or scouting at any time without permission and that includes during hunting season. This land is not posted, is frequently heavily pressured near communities and runs for hundreds of linear miles including many hundreds of acres in mature woods in remote areas.

This Kansas COE land is inclusive of the large reservoir and flood control dams we have that have extensive back waters frequently dry enough for foot access.

These areas are often irregular and while near the more easily accessed roadside areas may be posted for the most part these lands appear every bit as any other land. Having an aerial as well as a topographical map to supplement the COE or state maps is a must and having such will reveal may hard to access or limited access areas well off the beaten path and that which do not get much hunting pressure.

This land access alternative to a lease is more suited to those willing to put the scouting time to find the good spots, is largely limited to deer and turkey hunters due to the relative maturity of the woody cover and simply offer far more opportunity than anyone hunter could cover.


Self guided hunts. No one to lead anyone by the hand. We will give recommendation where to get started. From there all find their own spots. Enjoy personal success, not shared with a guide.

Kansas Private Hunting Land Access

While free private land access is the most desired by many hunters, it is the least available. To be simple about it most landowners have had sufficient persons knock on their doors that saying "no" assures them of being left alone than to have a recurring visitor every year.

Those landowners that do allow free access find that once they open that door once to one hunter, others will follow and that landowner gains additional visitors interrupting his day more than is desired.

Free private land access is available and covers all hunting disciplines and is best suited for those willing to spend the time, plan on coming back and are willing to give landowner gifts.

Not every day is a limit day.

Time and Effort

The above sampling provides a relative view of the time and effort some alternatives to a Kansas hunting lease require. If the above appeals to the reader than that is a good criteria for not researching our hunting lease land alternative.

For those that want to hunt as often as desired during any Kansas deer, turkey, upland bird or waterfowl season and do so on private land without competition then that which we offer in Kansas should be considered.

Pond and field hunt.

MAHA Kansas Hunting Lease Option

The MAHA alternative is to gain access to private hunting land of the right habitat within the right region of the state that has a history of production.

Having said that we must also say that not all of our land that we lease throughout Kansas is in the right region for all hunting disciplines. Part of the service we provide beyond the exclusive use lease land includes recommendations right where to park the truck, step out and hunt.

The final aspect to removing the mystery from the hunt is to provide a local lodging listing within every county where we lease land. This completes the package to the point of getting that hunter where he needs to be and the ability to sustain the hunt.

The mechanism by which the hunter knows where to hunt is our online inventory of lease maps. These are the same state generated maps used by county utilities.

And, our alternative is not limited to Kansas leases with access including both Missouri hunting leases and Iowa as well.

Deer cover.

Hunter success pictures.

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