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Kansas pheasant hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association:

Kansas pheasant hunting dogsWild pheasant.

On private ground.

Individual dog owning or small friendship group upland bird hunter.

No drive pheasant hunts permitted.

Kansas pheasant hunters will enjoy freedom away from public lands hunter mentality.

Have more land available to hunt each day than daylight hours available.

No mixing their dogs with any other hunter.

Being able to hunt a different spot each time stepping from their truck, each day of each trip never having to cross their tracks.

Those with pointing dog power will find overlapping wild quail.

Capstone is we have pheasant lands in three states. There is always one or more state up on bird numbers regardless of any one that may be down due to a bad hatch/brood success.

2017 Kansas hunting land available through Mid-America Hunting Association listed by county name with acreage in that county.

Kansas pheasant hunting

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Is About Habitat

Our Kansas pheasant habitat is superior based on its heavily invested acreage into tall prairie grass CRP or natural. It serves as day long loafing cover. Hunts are largely over many thousands of acres of this tall prairie grass where with a good dog a day's Kansas pheasant bag limit, 4, is achievable from one field of a 1/4 section or larger.

Pointing dogs

Natural native grass.

Add to our exceptional cover grass pheasant habitat is row crop farm fields largely composed of wheat, milo, corn. Combining these two habitats of cover with food is no secret to a great Kansas pheasant hunting. However, superiority of native grass is not to be considered too lightly.

Traveling through this web site on our upland bird habitat section will give any pheasant hunter his fill of picture with text description of bad, medium, good to great grasslands Kansas pheasant hunting. We went heavily into native grass descriptions to take away any mystery about it. To get those not accustomed to it to hunt it.

Pheasant limit

Yes, limits are possible. Never guaranteed. We purposely post as many non-limit pictures as those with limits.

A precautionary note. Kansas is a great plains state. Some forget great plains means large crop fields. Our pheasant hunts cover larger amounts of acreage than most from many state hunters are accustomed to.

While we hear from many hunters they may hunt one day a week in their home state that alone will not prepare dogs for our nearly endless miles of ground they may attempt to cover. Each pheasant hunter will have more acreage to hunt each day than daylight to hunt it. Having that for a week will make for both tired hunters and dogs.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Cover

Good hunts means good habitat.

Private Kansas land

This is a Kansas plum thicket in a grass draw.

Likely to find both pheasant and quail at this spot. However it is more likely to be pheasant in this draw. The difference is a neighboring crop field is some distance away. A small point we for a long time took for granted others would readily recognize. We found traveling hunters unfamiliar with this terrain nuance. Often missing out on what could have been a good hunt.

For pheasant habitat it is a matter first of food availability then add to that loafing cover. If this draw bordered a grain field then it would be a guess as to whether there would be more pheasant or quail in this draw. Any difference then would depend on what region of Kansas where a draw is located due to varying pheasant or quail population densities. In our case of our Association hunter we take that mystery away to get the hunter where he needs to hunt for his bird or habitat of preference in Kansas, Iowa or Missouri.

While we are emphasizing Kansas grasslands wild pheasant hunting it is not to imply that grass is our only pheasant habitat. More on this to come on subsequent pages.

Self guided hunts

Big country. Prepare to walk.

In terms of popular Kansas pheasant habitat type tall grass will produce many shot opportunity, many more, may be seen getting up well out of range. It takes a pheasant hunting dog with specialized skill to be productive in tall grass.

A slow hunting, long point standoff dog will produce an easy pheasant limit of points. A fast dog or one with short standoff will generate a lot of wild flushes. This brings us to the second aspect of our self guided pheasant hunting. Or, pheasant specific habitat type compared to dog power to upland bird hunting style. Not all will be a match.

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Pheasant hunter success stories and pictures.

Reasonable expectations.

Private land hunting does not always mean great success.

More detail about Kansas pheasant hunting land.

Self guided Kansas pheasant hunts.

Wild pheasants only.

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