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Kansas quail hunting videoKansas quail hunting is:

Wild quail.

Natural terrain largely along grain crop field edges, waterways and the brushed in draws.

Self guided only. Hunters require their own dogs.

Private land.

Kansas' quail populations will overlap in many areas with pheasant. Within Mid-America Hunting Association quail hunters are a minority segment. All may have many days in field watching good dog work for those with good dog power, willingness to walk and shooting ability required of this demanding hunting discipline. Other favored hunter comments include more land to hunt each day than daylight hours to hunt and not having to cross their own tracks on any trip.

Kansas quail hunting is a well known upland bird of choice for resident Kansas quail hunters and a growing attraction to non-resident quail hunters largely due to enjoying Kansas' open quail hunting ground, mild temperatures, lack of snakes and cactus.

Kansas Quail Hunting Often Means Pheasants Too

kansas quail hunting results

Kansas's mixed quail and pheasant regions rivals that of our southern Iowa properties. A difference between our southern Iowa and our Kansas quail hunting compared to that of Missouri. In these two states the potential to limit on both birds, pheasant and quail, in one day is far superior to that of Missouri. Between our do it yourself Iowa and Kansas quail hunting areas much difference is simply Kansas offers one more pheasant per day limit over Iowa.

For quail only hunts Kansas offers its SE region well outside of Kansas' pheasant range. SE Kansas allows for each point to be quail only.

2017 Kansas hunting land available for quail hunts.

Kansas hunting lease

In several areas of this web site we cover quail dog power. Especially how we cringe when a non-resident calls and says his interest is hunting wild quail. He is traveling from a region where quail his dog has pointed has been released quail, on open fields, under good weather. We will have a longer conversation with these hunters. We will explain what he may anticipate Kansas quail hunting with us. We will never oversell what is to be expected.

In short what may be anticipated will be long runs of linear Kansas edge habitat where being on its up wind side is wrong. Quartering dogs less efficient than habitat seeking long running dogs. Shooting through trees more common than all else.

Quail hunting dogs.

No limits guaranteed.

Championship worst question ever asked of us was: "How many limits will I get?". A point when we discover we are not talking to a seasoned quail hunter. Dog power, shooting ability, willingness to walk, target cover calibrated eye, weather all effect if any quail will be found.

Our best feedback we gain from Kansas hunters traveling in from states without wild quail populations is along lines of bird action, dog work, shots fired, few quail bagged, or what a great time it was. That type of quail hunter we will always want to work with.

While we will not repeat here any requirements and definitions for willingness to walk, wild quail shooting ability and quail dog power all should trust when they talk to us we will provide information they need to develop decision criteria of, if or where, to quail hunt to ensure they have as good of a hunt as possible.

Kansas Quail Habitat

A poor quality picture with good background to it.

Kansas Quail

Quail flushing pictured during a late summer MAHA Kansas land run.

Much to talk about in this quail flush picture. Key elements, milo heads seen just above brush, grass, plumb thicket which all equals very good Kansas quail habitat to be found.

Milo is a favorite Kansas quail food. This can be tested by anyone with pen raised quail. Place in that pen a selection of foods. Milo will be consumed before all others.

Next is short, mixed prairie grass that grows in these draws. It is of a quality that remains standing thought wet winters providing low to ground protective cover. It also serves very well as nesting cover. Two key aspects of grass cover that are required for perpetuation of a covey.

A last element is a plumb thicket, in this case the leafless tree looking bush. Anyone that has ever hunted central mid-west Bobwhite Quail knows to ensure their dogs cover every plumb thicket encountered. Plum provides year round overhead protective cover, ground level is completely open allowing for very easy quail foot movement for an entire covey to escape. And, that escape is a source of hunter frustration.

Plumb thickets means coveys will flush to its far side leaving solitary quail hunters frequently without sight of, only hearing coveys flushing. Paired hunters will find much action.

The final element of many Kansas draws is quail hunters will soon learn to flush coveys up and down draws rather than out. All to get much singles action. It is this habitat that may allow for 20 to 40 minutes of fast dog work from covey flush to a last single quail point.

Trust and confidence in us is drawn from we are a business not a hunting club. As a business we seek return customers. A good upland bird hunt of pheasant or quail will always bring hunters back for years of hunts to come.

Quail Point

Kansas quail hunting is largely along quail attracting food sources of milo and corn row crop fields. Brushy draws where open sky flushes are an expectation to offset many wood line quail points accompanied by through trees shooting.

While there will be some woods shooting for the most part the Kansas quail hunter will have little excuse for missed shots. This same quail habitat variety gives dog hunters a chance to work their dog on different habitat. While quail hunting this type of habitat is attractive, Kansas offers another quail cover that will provide an extra bit of adventure to any quail hunting trip.

Kansas quail hunting is unique to our other states. In southern regions where cattle pastures broken by sand hills and short plumb produce quail in numbers surprising to many. Most quail hunters drive by this type of habitat and discount this land as un-huntable or not quail habitat. Some who try may find otherwise.

This is ideal quail dog watching habitat as low cover is thin. Scattered small sand hills while numerous provide long range observation. As much as 80 acres at a time. While this terrain has much to offer it is not without consequences.

Mixed hunt

Quail hunters success pictures with stories.

Self guided quail hunts.

Wild quail only hunting.

About late season quail hunting.


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